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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Family First

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The grapevine is abuzz with rumors over the unexpected movement of Renowned Personality (RP). RP has always been a constant figure in showbiz. While many personalities have resigned or moved to other networks, RP was never thought to join the bandwagon. RP’s actions shocked fans.

Although RP had quietly made the move, the reasons for such were never divulged to the public. The reasons were tucked away, that is, until the rumor mill started moving. No, RP is not moving to another network or exploring another career. Allegedly, the move has something to do with priorities. RP had chosen family over a lucrative career this time. Rumors of RP and her family leaving for overseas are loud.

Going abroad also has strong reasons, but health is the most common. The buzz claims someone in the family needs treatment, which is deemed best abroad. Thus, RP is needed to be with that family member and only by leaving an established career will RP have the time. After all, most of her life her work in the entertainment industry had taken much time. By being with the said family member will give RP the peace of mind knowing presence and love are the best ways for healing.

‘My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me.’ – Michael Imperioli 

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  1. Replies
    1. More clue plsss 🥺🥺

    2. Awts. Siya kaya..

    3. Kung si A is same as iniisip ko lumipat na yun ng network before it’s not like there’s a big pool of networks. May clue pa ba kung Ibang A?

  2. Tama ang desisyon niya. Walang regrets kasi family yan kesa sa career tapos may mangyari sa family member baka magsisi siya na wala sa tabi ni family member.

  3. ang career pwede mabalikan kung established ka na. ang lost time with a family member, hindi na. goodluck sa kanya whoever man sya.

  4. Good!
    Family matters talaga
    Nood na

  5. A? Kaya ba missing in action siya?

  6. A’s priority has always been her family, ever since. Walang makakatalo doon. Especially kung May third party involved.

    1. "never thought to join the bandwagon" ng lipatan ng network, mali ka, sa kanya nga ung isa sa pinaka-kontrobersyal na lipatan if not pinaka.

    2. 11:30 baka after what happened to her current network yung "never thought to join the bandwagon"

    3. Bandwagon teh meaning usong uso lipatan yung kanya parang decades ago na. Ngayon lang naman naglipatan simula may nangyari sa kaf network

  7. 2:59 I don’t really follow when you say there’s 3rd party involved ? What do you mean?



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