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Monday, October 10, 2022

Sacrificed Friendship

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The periphery of the relationship of Female Associate (FA) and Unassuming Partner (UP) is not simple. Over the years, among their circle of friends were colleagues who later became close friends. These friends were, of course, expected to exercise a level of loyalty to say the least.

Loyalty among friends is tested once a couple breaks up. Thus, Important Staff (IS) found herself being confronted by FA when her relationship started to fall apart. IS worked with FA to make sure her affairs were in order particularly when she faced the camera. FA felt IS and her other friends, who were known to FA as well, did not treat her like a friend and chose UP’s side. FA believed IS should have treated her better and perhaps with more sympathy. IS probably chose to remain quiet given no one wants to be involved in the midst of a breakup.

The situation distanced the two. One time, they were in the same location out of the country, which should have led to a get-together, just like the old times. Nothing happened. In other words, they snubbed each other. Losing her relationship with FA was not a hard blow to IS. Allegedly, she was said to be telling friends that FA treated her like a household help rather than the position she was hired for. Incidentally, IS has stronger ties with UP and such bond involves family, hers and UP’s. Losing FA’s friendship was merely a consequence of choosing a side and not adding to the tension.

Now, things are settling down and FA and UP are quiet and perhaps the silence is keeping their kibitzers quiet.

‘Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.’ − Aesop

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  1. naku girl u might be on top but u dont even have friends with you -

  2. H and K , and also M. alam na

    1. same guess,they are both on the same place pero wala man lng pictures together

    2. Clues nmn for K.

    3. Gets ko sina H & M pero sino si K?

  3. N and J and N’s former P who’s seen now with J?

  4. I thought it was suspicious that they didn’t get together during their recent trip tot he same city!

  5. This is sad and it’s obvious that IS is a kind person. You could tell she goes over and beyond her duties but it’s sad that she was treated that way by H.

  6. Napansin ko nga din.

  7. Omg wala akong maisip. Sinetch itech? Pa clues naman dyan mga friendz

  8. pakopya na mn mga classmates. no idea hehe

  9. Sad naman if true, they had a really long working relationship and I thought they were close.



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