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Monday, October 3, 2022

Ice Seguerra Opens Up on Experiencing Depression to Karen Davila

Video courtesy of YouTube: Karen Davila


  1. Ice’ voice is my favorite. Full of emotions. I hope she creates a you tube chanel.

  2. Very incisive discussion and confession of Ice. I admire his frank revelation of what he has gone thru during her clinical depression and how he got out of it. What he revealed should serve as an inspiration to people going thru the same experience.

  3. Very incisive discussion between Karen and Ice, who was very frank in revealing his emotional roller-coaster like experience when he had clinical depression. I admire Ice admitting that he finally sought help, and I also admire his family for keeping up with him during the time he needed support and help. Other people should having the same depression should watch and learn from what Ice revealed.

  4. Pansin ko lang karamihan ng kilala kong lesbians/transmen may pagka emo compared sa gays/transwomen na jolly ang happy madalas.

    1. Actually mas sensitive sila. Kasi babae paren naman talaga sila. female Hormones is still in their system no matter how they try to stop it. That is something they cannot change. Kaya medyo prone din talaga sa emotional stress, depression and drama. Plus, mas hindi sila masyado tanggap sa society compared sa gays and trans. Mas may discrimination sa kanila apparently. I just hope she can overcome it. Aiza was my idol when I was a kid. As in okay ka fairy ko pa and little miss philippines. She is talented pareho sila ng charice. Pero simula ng naging lesbian sila pareho ni charice, nawalan talaga sila ng projects and may discrimination. Limited din kasi role ang pwede mo sa kanila ibigay considering their choice gender. And even if with talent singing, ang hirap din i-please ang crowd with their songs kasi confusing for their market kung lalake boses ba o babae no matter how good the song. This is the sad reality actually



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