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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Goodbye Amore?

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Over the years, the closeness of Female Celebrity (FC) and Non-showbiz Personality (NP) has not gone unnoticed by people. Seeing FC and NP in non-showbiz functions together became the talk of the town and sparked rumors. Both have remained silent on their status, but netizens claim that their actions speak louder than words.

Despite pressure to admit their true score, FC and NP merely laugh off accusations that they are together as a romantic couple. After all, both have families who deserve privacy. Regardless of their arrangement, their families have not joined in commenting on the public’s presumed relationship of FC and NP.

However, the grapevine cannot keep silent when it comes to the two. The social circles have been buzzing with the latest development between FC and NP. Rumors indicated the two had a falling out and their ‘relationship’ was over. FC can be outspoken at times, especially when it involves NP and his endeavors. Apparently, NP could have reached his tipping point with FC’s reactions, which could have affected their understanding.

Nonetheless, if FC and NP’s relationship runs deeper than perception, it would not be surprising if they would be back in the public eye in the next few weeks or so. That would be the exciting part.

‘Some people will leave you soon no matter how, but it's not the ending of your story, it's just the ending of their role in your story. cause life goes on, and you should just expect damage from others.’ ― Marouane Laassafar

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  1. G & A. Medyo sure!

  2. G & A, this was easy this time FP. Thanks

  3. Si P and Y ito na ayaw umamin

    1. But NP is non showbiz so I think it's not them

  4. is this M (FM) and T (NP)?

  5. S and A.Never umamin for the sake of their endevours and family.

  6. Hindi ba FC-R and NP-S itey?

  7. parang V and G?



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