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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Is David Chua the New Poster Boy of the LGBTQ Community?

Has David Chua become the unofficial poster boy of the LGBTQ community?

Based on the accolades he's been getting for his acting performance in the top-rating Kapuso Chinoyserye Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune, it looks like the chinito heartthrob has earned his stripes as the unwitting voice of the closet queendom's silent minority.

As Philip Lo, Maricel Laxa's henchman and co-conspirator, David's nuanced acting has clearly created a new template for gay portrayals onscreen. He seems to have found that sweet spot—that crucial middle ground that separates the dapper, effeminate gentleman from the loud, brash and outwardly flamboyant screaming faggot types.

But is it really as easy as it looks? After all, it's never easy shattering stereotypes. It's never easy treading the fine line between subtle swank and exaggerated swagger.

Onscreen, David's sullen demeanor can initially be mistaken for apathy. Quiet, brooding and moving about with calculated gestures, his snobbish facade effectively cloaks whatever sinister plans he may be cooking up. And when he speaks, he carefully pitches his voice in a well-modulated baritone. 

Perhaps the only telltale sign of his sexual oddity is his rather uncannily bizarre fashion sense—bold, outlandish colors accented with delicate motifs, his long dishevelled hair giving him that rough, jagged edge making him look like a cross between a K-pop teen idol and a rock star.

So, how exactly did David achieve this stark study in contrasts?

He explains, "My take on Philip is he's semi-closeted. He wears business suits but leans towards loud colors. There are other layers to the role which I don't want to preempt, so you'll have to watch how it evolves."

Was there a deliberate attempt on his part not to resort to contrived mannerisms?

David elaborates further, "There are many ways to interpret, as many as there are how individuals express themselves. Gayness is never one predictable interpretation now. In fact, Im careful not to be stereotypical. I want to own this gay guy! Haha!"

"Some people say I've broken new ground, for taking the gay role to a higher, maybe deeper level. Now, I can't take sole credit for all that, since all I'm doing is really fleshing out a role. The community is diverse, and there is not one person and expression that's exactly the same for all. There's always different sensitivities. In fact, some call it being 'genderless.'"

But how does he embrace his anointment as the de facto flagbearer of the gay community?

He remarks, "Honestly, I really don't feel like I've done so much to earn that distinction. I mean, it's just a role, right? I'm flattered with the attention, the positive comments on social media, but I really never let it get in my head."

"Don't get me wrong though. I have a lot of friends from the LGBTQ community, and I love and respect them all, and am just as passionate about their advocacies and their struggles for equal rights. We're talking about some of the most creative, insightful and outspoken trendsetters in the showbiz industry alone, not to mention the pageant and fashion worlds as well."

"So, I can't even begin to imagine how I've earned THAT honor, right? What I've done onscreen as an actor can't even compare to the breadth and depth of their accomplishments in real life."
Despite his supporting role status in the groundbreaking TV series, David seems to have gotten his fair share of fans and supporters, many of whom instantly recognize him whenever he's out in public.

He says, "I'm happy when, let's say I'm in a mall and people call me by my character name. 'Nakakagigil ka!!!' 'Grabe kayo ni Valerie!' or 'Ang galing mo, idol!' The validation can be elating. But first and foremost is how I believe I'm doing justice to my role."

Beyond the viewers' positive feedback, David feels even more validated by the respect and commendation from his peers and superiors. "I've gotten quite a few calls commending me for doing a great job," she shyfully admits. "So that alone truly confirms that there are indeed no small roles, only small actors. I'm happy  that my efforts paid off. And working with such big name stars such as Sunshine, Ms. Boots, Maricel, Barbie and all the others has been a truly fun and rewarding experience."

With Mano Po Legacy having completed its successful run, David keeps himself busy with his directorial duties under his very own Dark Carnival Productions. Never one to miss out on creative collaborations, he's slated to work on a music video involving a rock group where he gets to flaunt his rapping skillz.

He's also just as excited in putting the finishing touches on Dark Carnival's studio, which he and his team expect to formally open by the first week of March.


  1. Mano Po Legacy was indeed a good and new telerserye. Sana nay book 2. Ang ganda talaga. Lahat ng characters may moment. Ang galing ng mga actors, new and those who have established their names.

  2. Galing to sa dos eh. Crush ko pa to dun sa aryana ahaha clean cut pa sya don. 😁

  3. Im filchi and i must say gwapo and hunky tong David. He looks sophisticated. Di ko alam why di sya sumikat kaagad since patok naman mga filchi o mga korean-ish sa masa

  4. Ganda ng Mano Po Legacy good job GMA. namiss ko nung natapos. galing nilang lahat. walang tapon na character lahat may pinaglalaban. dito ko din narealize that Barbie Forteza is a great acctress, magaling sya dito. at ang cutiepie nung rob gomez haha

  5. Ang galing na nya umarte. Ang bano lang nya dati parang tuod.

  6. In PH showbiz, there are hundreds or thousands of them who are handsome and gorgeous women, yet it doesn't stop there.

    I guess to be a real star, a person should have an instant impact on the public - has the charm to attract people from all walks of life, someone who is relatable, appealing, inspiring.

    If snob or kind of a little aloof or unsure of what being a star in PH showbiz is all about? Then anybody in that field won't be able to stay and remembered for long.



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