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Friday, February 25, 2022

TALA’s Mesmerizing 'Call Me When You Wake Up' (Live Session) EP Is Out Now!

Rising singer-songwriter Tala Gil continues to prove that she’s an artist with substance and can thrive even outside the confines and comfort of a studio. This year, she further graced us with her appealing brand of pop music with the release of call me when you wake up (Live Session) EP.

Drawn from her latest EP of the same name last November 2021, this freshly released Live Session release quite feels like one true show from Tala herself, especially right now that we’re still patiently waiting for the return of live events. It also remarkably allows her listeners to enjoy her new songs in a new light and in all its melodic glory. Aside from the irresistible live performance audio of her new songs, Tala also gives insights into how she worked with each song! Thanks to her earnest voice memos, giving further details about what the tracks are really about.

Better get ready to feel the raw, easy-listening, and charming live versions of her new tracks like never before. Check out the call me when you wake up (Live Session) EP on your favorite streaming platforms under Universal Records Philippines.

You can also watch how it unfolds on this exclusive video from the Universal Records Philippines’ official YouTube channel.

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  1. ok naman voice nya. but please don't eat your words para klaro ang lyrics. suggestion lang. TY



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