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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Kyle Juliano’s 'Another Home' is the New Anthem of the Brokenhearted

Following the release of his collaboration with Sam Atkins on “I Need You Now” last year, Kyle Juliano is back this year to unveil a new single, “Another Home” under Universal Records.

In this latest offering, Kyle continues to dive deep and explore heart-wrenching and sorrowful themes, downright fitting for the brokenhearted. The melancholic love song ponders the feeling of despair after finding out that your special someone has found someone else, hence, his/her so called “another home”. You know that you’ll eventually get over it but it’ll take some time to fully heal.

Just like on his 2017 single “Crashing”, the young singer once again worked with his good buddy Raffy Cabristante in composing this new song. They both describe this track as a song “to the one that got away.”

Kyle Juliano is on an unprecedented roll lately on Spotify with over 466,000 monthly listeners and “Another Home” looks like to be another irresistibly catchy song that will surely captivate his audience, now part of this week’s New Music Friday Philippines Playlist.


  1. I like his song crashing and still you, too.

  2. ngbibinata ang boses. ang cute lang.

  3. Omg i repeatedly play his song Crashing.

  4. His voice is soothing to the ear. I hope he makes more songs.



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