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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Winning Way

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Resourceful Personality (RP) was shocked when she found out she did not make the list of a coveted role in a project. RP was confident that she would top the list, as she was most qualified. However, she heard from the grapevine that she was no longer needed.

The rumor bewildered RP as she worried about the repercussions on her career. Allegedly, she feared that lack of exposure might diminish her fame. Thus, she communicated with the decision-makers to clear the air and stressed that she declined lucrative offers from other management companies. Further, she added that she struck gold for the company, too.

RP’s arguments were not bought by the decision-makers, who replied that many projects were collaborations and not synonymous to a talent alone. Teamwork spelled success. The reply disheartened RP, but she did not give up.

Subsequently, RP reached out to a mentor, whose words carry weight. Cornered, the mentor assured RP of her dreams and her role in the project. RP got her way and the decision-makers could not do anything as the mentor had decided.  

‘My lousy way of getting it done is better than your great way of not doing it.’ − Terry Rossio

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  1. Replies
    1. Who? the young M or the A-list M of Ka-H ang tinutukoy mo???

      Kung si A-list ka-H, mukhang hindi naman siya kasi sabi sa BI "she feared lack of exposure might deminish her career." eh super visible pa rin naman siya at meron pang ni-launch na new endorsement this week lang.

      Sino kaya itey???

    2. 11:13 A-list actress siya ng network niya kahit married and with kids na.

  2. Not surprised :) This is the normal way of life in pinas :)

  3. sino ba ang missing in action na may comeback o kaya yung quiet sa issue pero bongga pa din.



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