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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Secret Past

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Celebrities have various, diverse stories of how they started in the entertainment industry. Others are products of talent searches, whereby they spent hours in line waiting for the few minutes to audition for a slot. Others made the head of a talent scout turn for that second look and subsequent asking if one were interested to join the industry. Others have their fate in the stars as their entry into the industry has been expected as they are children of showbiz players.

Regardless of how a talent was discovered, the hard part is to make that talent popular and fit the ideal image that would garner fans. A background check is important as certain life events might make a difference between fame and failure. Issues can be detrimental, but the way a management handles these dark aspects can lead to the success or failure of their talent. Thus, monitoring of issues hurled at a talent is done and followed by damage control if needed.

A buzz in the grapevine questions the background of Voluptuous Actress (VA). VA has showbiz connections, which made her entry easier compared to her contemporaries. Allegedly VA shares a similar past with many celebrities. Initially, rumors of the same nature are denied, but the passing of time would dis/prove the truth. VA, according to rumors, is already a mother. As not much is known about VA prior to her making a name, except for basic personal information, the motherhood rumor is making its way among fans. Will VA take the similar route as previous female talents did, that is, to deflect answering the rumor? However, time has changed the way fans look at issues and they are more accepting if the truth is out rather than hidden in the dark.

‘And though there’s a grain of truth in every rumor, I’ve found that the worst gossip usually starts with something harmless.’ ― Kathleen O'Dell

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  1. VA - si A Totoo talaga yan

  2. K na dating namayagpag bilang crush ng bayan

  3. That explains her dark area dun

    1. Ha?? šŸ¤£ Dark areas dun or san man doesn’t specifically verify anything. Baklang twohh. Haha

  4. Bakit kaya ayaw pang aminin? Hmmm. Sino kaya ito?

  5. A na kaH. Yung may kakatapos na drama

  6. My guess is J of kaF?

  7. A! Na kamukha ni M! Lolz

  8. Daming entry
    Monday na Monday mas hard pa ang thinking ko here than my actual work haha

  9. Sino?? More clues pls...



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