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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Secret Event

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Whenever celebrities are thrown into the limelight because of their personal choices, the argument of privacy vs. celebrity life comes to light. On the one hand, celebrities are supposed to be public figures and therefore should be transparent in all their activities. On the other hand, celebrities are entitled to privacy as they have lives beyond the camera. However, these days, the dichotomy is linked by the active involvement of celebrities in social media. Many celebrities have fallen into carelessness when they post in social media and thus, their photos or words start a frenzy of speculation.

For example, the blackout on an anticipated event has kept fans guessing details. No one has dared to reveal and confirm pertinent details of the event. The personalities involved have admitted the happening, but are mum on specific details. Moreover, significant people who will be among the participants have behaved well in silence. Hence, their fans, followers, and bashers are kept in the dark.

Nonetheless, many are placing bets that the event will take place on a coveted date this week. The date is considered lucky and some people even make wishes on repetitive numbers. Hence, November 11 is the best guess in the grapevine. The venue is rumored to be north of Metro Manila and considered a popular destination location. Still, the specific spot is kept under wraps, but if social media will be a source, the detail might reveal itself.

‘But the aspect of secrets is they leak out. If they didn't leak, they wouldn't be interesting.’ − Clamp

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  1. Ooh juicy! I think this might be a wedding? Hmmmm

  2. Feeling ko this is E & D

  3. Can't wait for this event to happen and what happens after.... My popcorn is ready.

  4. So, wedding? 11.11.21

  5. E and D
    Wonder where the venue up north is ? S... B...or further away I ?

  6. Sino si E & D? Haha

    1. Mabilisang pangyayari clue sayo baks. Keri mo yan!

  7. Alam ko this! Sa place namin gaganapin.😊 Basta yan lang masasabi ko😅



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