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Friday, November 12, 2021

Repost: Nadine Lustre on Moving on, Living in Siargao, Future Career and Business Plans

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 “It is about moving on and letting go.”

This was how singer and actress Nadine Lustre described her new song “Wait For Me,” produced by Sweater Beats and Marcus Davis.

“It just seemed like wait for me was the perfect pop song. It just had that nice LSS characteristics,” Lustre told CNN Philippines’ New Day.

Life lately

Asked if Wait For Me best describes where she is at right now, Lustre replied, “Right now, it's totally far actually.”

“But it is what best described me back when I was still working on the song, that is why it is very heartfelt,” she shared.

Nadine said she is enjoying her life more now despite working a lot.

“I guess where I am at now is I am enjoying more," she confided. "I am still doing a lot of work but now it's more of enjoying time outdoors, going on a lot of adventures, trying a lot of new stuff, and just discovering more about myself, realizing a lot of things I didn't know about myself before.”

Future plans?

Speaking of currently being in a different place in her life, the Never Not Love You and Ulan actress said she is “really considering moving to Siargao” as being there helps with her mental health.

“Everything is simple there, which is something that I really love,” she pointed out.

Lustre said that if ever she decides to move to Siargao, she will still continue to make music and other projects.

New film, business

Currently, the award-winning actress is working on a thriller film called “Greed” with director Yam Laranas.

“It's very nerve-wracking," she said of her new project. "The reason why I found the material super interesting is that it's that kind of film that will make you think afterwards, the kind of film that…lives rent-free in your head after watching it.”

Lustre said she is also busy with her businesses, partnering with fellow artists Yassi Pressman and Liza Soberano in one of them.

Their company is called “Mind You,” and it seeks to provide easy access to mental health professionals for a cheaper price.


  1. Lagi nalang ikaw nag aadjust para sa bf mo. Ngayon nandyan ka sa siargao, nadz hayaan mo yung guy ang humabol sayo dito sa manila.

    1. There you are again giving unsolicited advice. If andito naman cya sa Manila may masasabi ka pa rin. Totoo naman peaceful dun sa siargao.l

    2. Naisip ko din yan sis

    3. 12:27 totoo naman kasi siya yung nag aadjust palagi sa lalake. LOL

    4. She has business there..and if Makikita mo, yung bf nya nag effort din pumunta Dito. Pinag ngangawa mo?

  2. Hope the province won't be gentrified.

  3. parang gusto ko na din sa siargao. ang stressful sa urban area. LIKE METRO MANILA

    1. Sige please bumalik na kyong lahat sa province para maenjoy namin ang manila all to ourselves lol



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