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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Pay Up, Sir

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As elections are drawing near, the backgrounds of candidates are being scrutinized to ensure the constituents deserve the best candidate for their area. These days, honesty and integrity are ideals. People want action-oriented officials as well. They want a leader who is present and prepared to respond to their needs, especially during calamities. Most of all, leaders ought to keep their word, especially when another party is drastically affected.

In a nearby province south of the city, an alleged unfulfilled obligation of a Current Candidate (CC) has been exposed. CC has been in position for a few years and is seeking to prolong staying in power. While CC appears to have a positive image within the area, his leadership qualities is being questioned given the inability to fulfill his word of honor.

Allegedly, CC is in debt amounting to millions after availing of a company’s services. As CC is deep into promoting his leadership, the unpaid amount is causing concern. Questions as to why CC has not paid are leading to speculations over the possible use of the funds for raising awareness for his candidacy. Those who know about the issue expect CC to fix his obligations first before promising this and that to the people for 2022. The amount is no joke and the company’s cashflow is affected just because CC is failing to pay back what he owes.

‘Now a promise made is a debt unpaid, and the trail has its own stern code.’ ― Robert W. Service

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  1. alam na kung sino si from the south!

  2. Nearby province of south? Hmm. R?

  3. ano naman bigdeal dyan eh yan nga gusto ng mga pinoy mga magna at corrupt ang ipwesto tapos sasabihen madami nagawa hahaha

  4. Replies
    1. Hater ka ba or obsessed, lahat na lang si A sa iyo 😳👀👁

  5. Replies
    1. Yawa! Election candidate teh! Jusko. Anyare sa reading comprehension mo. Hahahahahahahaha

    2. hahahahhahha vaklah, itulog mo muna

  6. Kung sino man ito, i suggest magtayo ka na agad ng waiting shed, tulay, o kung ano man. Tutal ok lang di magbayad basta may naipatayo di ba

  7. Wag dapat yan iboto yang ganyang trapo! 🧀

  8. M marami naman siyang pera bakit di siya nagbayad?

    1. Nabasa ko din tong BI na to somewhere sabi local candidate daw.



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