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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Not Today

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During the wedding preparation, Meticulous Personality (MP) made sure every detail on the special day would be perfect. From the flowers in the ceremony venue to the setup at the reception, MP gave input. Of course, one of the items MP considered was food.

An attraction of going to a wedding is the food that would be served to the guests. MP was aware of the importance of food and avoided the possibility of not having enough for the guests. Besides, the caterer was among the best suppliers. The guests were carefully chosen and MP did not want to disappoint them.

As the reception was about to end, MP asked the caterer about the food. The caterer said the food was still plenty. MP assumed that the guests could have eaten prior to attending the reception. Wedding attendees are aware that the time between the celebrating of the ceremony and the serving of food can take a couple of hours. The guests were close to the families involved and thus, attended because of the couple.

MP instructed the caterer and the help to pack the leftovers and load the filled containers to their van. After a few minutes after the packing of leftovers, non-family Celebrity Friend (CF) came along with a bag of empty containers. CF told the waiter to place the leftovers in her containers. The waiter could only scratch his head and told CF that MP beat her to it and the containers have been loaded in the van. CF went home empty-handed. Of course, asking MP for leftover food would be embarrassing. Perhaps, MP knew the guest list very well and anticipated the possible outcome of the leftover food if no action will be done ahead.

‘When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.’ − Ryan Reynolds

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  1. MP ba is he bride or groom? naka ilan attend na ako ng kasal hindi naman ako nang hihingi ng handa ­čśé kahit kasal pa ng kapatid ko. nakakahiya kaya

    1. Tingin ko kasal ni C ito, known meticulous planner sya. Down to the details.

      Ngayon, sino ang guest na may baon na tupperware sa reception? Kalokaaaaaa! Nasa loob ba ng bag?

  2. Shala bisita pero may mga dalang containers ­čśé feeding program ata inatenan nito, hindi kasal

  3. Is MP K and CF L?

  4. Ang pagbabalot ng left overs hindi lqgi pag may occassions. Ok lang yan for get togethers and small gatherings kasi sayang naman talaga.. pero pag weddings and corporate events nakaka hiya na

  5. Ay may mga ganito palang tao? D ako mayaman, and I have never done this before when attending weddings. Kahit pa nga dito sa Japan na REQUIRED magbugay s couple ng at least Y30,000 (more or less Php15k). Nakakaloka naman yang ganyan.



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