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Sunday, November 7, 2021

His Driver

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Handsome Celebrity (HC) arrived at his meeting in one of his cars, which surprised many onlookers. Seeing HC finally was also a treat for those within the area. With the pandemic restrictions eased a bit, many saw HC and were impressed at the way he conducted himself.

After a moment, the onlookers saw HC in a hurry. They presumed he was done with his meeting but wondered why he was in a rush. Meanwhile, HC spoke to Trusted Staff (TS) and instructed TS to ride in the production van and not in his car. Usually, most celebrities travel with a staff at their beck and call. The staff takes charge of the needs, such as wardrobe, script, food, and others, of the celebrity boss. More importantly, the staff knows the deepest secrets that could tarnish the image of a celebrity. However, TS is very loyal to HC.

HC thought the coast was clear and within seconds, his car arrived. Then he noticed that Production Staff (PS) was behind him. Too late, as the driver of his car was already visible. HC suddenly explained to PS why male Close Friend (CF) was driving. HC said they were going to the same venue for an event. PS did not even ask why CF was in the car, but acknowledged HC. Of course, seeing HC and CF together raised eyebrows.  

‘We have, as human beings, a storytelling problem. We're a bit too quick to come up with explanations for things we don't really have an explanation for.’ ― Malcolm Gladwell

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  1. A kah. Knows nman ang di alam eh who is CF

  2. HC - A kaH
    TS - T
    CF - D kaH

  3. Could be X.
    Finally Saw (Newbie sa Area/Network)
    Treat kasi syempre magaling din sa kabila.
    Pwede rin naman antok lang ako mali hula ko haha

  4. medj mahina ako. soooo, baka lgbt member? manly ba ang image ni HC?

    1. It’s either A or P na kahit nalilink sa girl si P. Baka pakulo lang yon para mapagtakpan ang kasarian niya.

  5. Sure ako na si E yan. Hahaha huli!

  6. sino si cf?? grabe may isang linggo na akong row 4

  7. Plot twist boyfriend niya ‘yon close friend kuno niya. nasa closet pa rin itong si HC.

  8. “they were impressedbat the way he conducted himself” alam na this

  9. Pwedeng si P or X.



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