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Monday, November 8, 2021

Happening Soon

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Over time, the Indecisive Actor (IA) was in a state of uncertainty in making a life-changing decision. Although every talent needed work these days, IA took time to make up his mind. IA consulted Respected Personality (RP) to clear things.

IA wanted space in RP’s camp. He asked RP for work as he needed the income. RP said that there are ways for IA to get the elusive project. However, the catch is that RP can only offer a fraction of IA’s value. RP advised IA to take on a better offer if available. If the said offer is lucrative, IA should not let RP hinder his financial future. Besides, RP assured IA that he will always have room when he can be compensated for his true worth. IA was grateful and sad at the same time.

Meanwhile, IA’s camp has been worrying as his lack of projects has affected their own return on investment. After all, IA has been living off an investment in his capability and the investors are itching to get their worth back.

The stars have smiled on IA. All that was needed was to put his name in black ink and his financial worries will be over. According to the grapevine, that event will happen sooner than expected and IA was presented an offer that was hard to refuse.

‘We must shift our thinking away from short-term gain toward long-term investment and sustainability, and always have the next generations in mind with every decision we make.’ − Deb Haaland

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  1. Jusko gets na gets agad kung sino si IA 😂 Yung RP ang di ko kilala

  2. Walang pera na talaga si J

  3. J & M???
    Parang sya lang yung walang ganap na nig name na need na ng work ngayon eh. Pwede ring P?

  4. J he is every penny’s worth magaling kasi walang tapon. He can still pull it through with talent he can redeem everything.

  5. Anon 5:29. Yeah, there is no doubt about his talent. But is he still bankable now? I doubt it. I think his time had lapsed if not gone.



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