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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Give Back

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Love can often make lovers do silly, irrational things for the sake of the relationship. Onlookers have seen how lovers will leave family and career behind to make a relationship strong. Others even drop their current relationship to pursue the ones who have suddenly stolen their hearts. Moreover, others think that money can make their lovers happy.

As a partner in their relationship, Bewildered Talent (BT) was very much in love with Intense Lad (IL) that she risked her reputation to be with him. IL did the same and stuck to his passion for BT amidst all the forces moving against him. To keep IL happy, BT showered him with gifts. She was confident as she had work to pay for the expensive things she bought IL. IL was surprised and satisfied with BT’s showing of her love. However, BT kept her buying spree a secret. She knew that A Guardian (AG) will go ballistic at seeing the credit card and bank transactions.

Alas, nothing lasts forever and BT cried for weeks when IL left. BT could no longer stop AG from scrutinizing her financial status. AG was shocked and noted the luxury items on the bills. AG was puzzled as the purchased items were not among BT’s possessions. Adding one plus one, AG assumed those items were given to IL.

AG started calling IL to retrieve the items. AG needed a way to offset the debt of BT. IL was not picking up, which made AG madder. AG called IL’s Relation (IR). As anger was prevailing, AG was allegedly in a combative tone while IR was on the other end of the line. IR did not mince her words and hurled hurtful statements at AG and BT to get back.

A few days later, the given things arrived at BT’s house, but the most expensive item was not included, as IL was already registered as the owner.

‘A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.’ − Jonathan Swift

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  1. BT - A
    IL - W

    So was BT buying things to impress the guy beyond her means? Ok lng mag shower ng material n bagay as long as you dont lulong yourself sa utang

    1. Parang ang tanda na naman nila to have guardians. Isa pa mayaman naman si A.

    2. Naisip ko din sila, pero anong reputation ba ang meron si A?

    3. Sila kaya? Parang di naman ganun si BT pero shook parin ako if sila nga

    4. Tingin ko p ung bagay n naka name s guy is a property like bahay o kotse?

  2. A and A? Ewan ko pero sila unang naisip ko.

  3. Hindi to si A & W. This is J & R.


    Seems like ayaw ni AG kay IL kahit noon pa.

    1. 11:26 risked her reputation to be with him ang sabi… hello? Wala nman reputation masisira o nasira ng nging sila kase wala pareho nasagasaan at gusto sila ng mga tao. Lowkey nga lang dati relasyon nila.

  4. Hindi ba si A & K ito? Sayang ang career ni K noon, haaay...



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