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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Go or Stay

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The natural cycle of a celebrity’s career includes the highs and lows. While some artists are lucky and smart to remain on the highs, others are not as blessed and stay at their lows for a time. The reality is that a talent is only as good as his/her last project. If the project rates and earns well, that talent is guaranteed a next project. By contrast, if the project only lasts a season or only a few weeks, that talent might be relegated to the freezer and subsequently leave.

The situation these days is worsened by the pandemic and management concerns. Only the talents who have the Midas touch seem to be assured of a future with a management. Acting awards and other recognitions are no longer factors if the talent fails to bring in the ratings and the ads. Thus, to lessen the expenses of the management, talents are let go and contracts are reviewed and revised. Take it or leave it.

Sometime ago, many talents were rumored to be changing management as a result of non-contract renewal, artistic reasons, and better offers. Time has revealed these personalities. The reactions of the public varied, and no one was spared from positive and negative comments. Meanwhile, the grapevine is abuzz that Influential Personality (IP) has called the attention of a management to check into the future of Versatile Talent (VT). VT has been counted as among the ones who will be moving on. The management is rumored to be unable to refuse IP and his request indeed has to be reviewed. Allegedly, IP has a soft spot for VT and the two were subjects of gossip long ago. As IP keeps a low profile, the rumor of the special connection was not blown up then. For now, VT staying on or not remains to be seen as well as if IP still has a hold on the decision-makers.

‘It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people's lives.’ − Clint Eastwood

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  1. B & Z.

    Goodnight row 4's.

  2. 1st honor🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️🥇🥇🥇

    da who classmate???

  3. Replies
    1. No hindi sila. Friends sila pero may sariling desisyon si P at support si M dyan

  4. For me exciting nga ang nangyayari eh. Hindi na nakatali yung mga artista sa networks. Per show nalang ang contract nila. I think that will make way for different artists to work and collaborate together diba?

    1. Agree. Hinihintay ko na lang talaga mangyari yan like sa ibang countries. Sana talaga mangyari. Para hindi rin puro love team

  5. Baka pareho silang lumipat



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