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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Exercise Prudence

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These days, ‘woke’ is used to describe socially aware persons, who are brave enough to articulate their thoughts on issues they find questionable or disagreeable. Unlike before when celebrities are limited to only acting, today’s personalities have used their social media presence to react to social and political issues. Such posts trigger reactions from followers who praise or dismiss celebrity views.  

Although the active involvement of celebrities into areas other than acting shows holistic persona, higher ups tend to feel uneasy. When a celebrity unleashes social commentary directed at powerful personalities or policies, reactions are uncontrollable. Celebrities are then prone to bashing regardless of views. A bashed celebrity also faces withdrawal of endorsements as most companies do not want to be associated with political views.

Rumors are abuzz that management has instructed all employees, regardless of departments, to exercise prudence in dishing opinions, especially if these statements are directly political and critical. While several talents have followed the said instructions, some have not. Thus, their contracts are no longer prioritized.

For example, a Celebrated Personality (CP) was offered early retirement, as the management was allegedly unhappy with her performance during interviews with certain public servants. Hence, CP was removed from a couple of shows and left with a non-political one to ensure she keeps her presence on air. By contrast, Vocal Personality (VP) seems untouchable, as his presence equals high ratings. VP is known to be woke, as well. Other celebrities were given the go-signal to explore other possibilities. It seems the management does not want to attract further attention other than from the viewers.

‘Somewhere we know that without silence words lose their meaning, that without listening speaking no longer heals, that without distance closeness cannot cure.’ − Henri Nouwen

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  1. CP si K ba yan? Ung laging binabash in every interview with politicians?
    Sino si VP? Si V? Charot
    Row 4 ako

  2. CP - K
    VP - V (?)

    Pass your papers klasmeyts, finished or not finished.

    1. 1:55AM sobra ka naman klasmeyt! Bigyan mo naman kami time

  3. Early retirement daw. So It means someone who can qualify for retirement due to their age, Baka si A, the older one. There are two As who speak up their minds. I like both As.

  4. Replies
    1. couldnt be.. lalake yung isa.. i think maybe A & V? si V yung untoucheable..

  5. 1:16 Yun isang A may sense while the other A is just nakikisawsaw and pabida lang to stay relevant



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