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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Consequences of Impatience

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Prior to making a life-changing decision, Restless Talent (RT) was offered a challenging role for a future project. RT was interested, as the role could pave the way for critics to notice her and award-winning bodies to give the recognition that would boost her career. However, nothing was definite at that point. The pandemic hit hard and companies needed to rethink their strategies during times of uncertainty.

RT then consulted Important Senior (IS). RT expressed her interest in the project, and IS presented her practical insights. IS said that the project is still up in the air, as the management has yet to finalize details for the production. Besides, the possibility is high that RT might be given a low talent fee. RT took the advice of IS and moved on with her life.

Later, RT found out that the project was in the planning stage and casting was being finalized. RT then approached her contacts to remind them that the role was broached to her in the past. RT learned that the production was under strict instructions to include talents in the fold. Further, she was told to go through the Proper Channel (PC), who will make the possible negotiations on her behalf. PC raised her case to the production heads. However, PC was informed that a talent was already chosen. The disappointing news did not stop RT to elevate her interest to the Big Boss (BB). BB forwarded RT’s request to Other Big boss (OB). Upon reading the request, OB simply rolled her eyes.

‘An opportunity is like a train on the move. Once its doors have closed, it's gone. But do stick around, another one will surely be on its way; carrying with it better opportunities.’ ― Naide P Obiang

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  1. Replies
    1. Not M...hindi sya desperate para magka-project bcoz busy naman sya sa ibang pagkakakitaan; check her IG, dami nyang endorsements plus a partner who can provide her in this time of pandemic.

  2. This could be S or J

  3. This is K na starlilet ng Ka-H

  4. Could be L
    S and J already have acting awards tucked on their belts
    Not sure with L
    L or K?

    1. Ano life changing decision ni L?

  5. Intay ako ng final answer.

  6. RT - J
    IS - S
    Chosen Talent - J

  7. I think K ng ka H ung nagparinig sa Ig nya

  8. M na dating KaF na ngayon ay KaS na.

  9. Sounds like M.

  10. Sounds like M and IS si M din. Lol

  11. Ito na ang balik ng karma kay M

  12. This is M sure na

  13. Could be B. Life changing decision was leaving the agency that made her. She still has no major project for over a year while her former co-talents tuloy-tuloy ang work.



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