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Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Warning

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Friends of Nonchalant Dude (ND) are worried at how his personal relationship is evolving. The strong presence of Influential Personality (IP) might not be good for his financial standing in the long run. ND and IP developed a bond when ND was in a troubling time of his life. IP was there for support and soon, the opportunity came.

Over the years, ND managed to handle his finances well and place his money in investments that mattered to him. Despite his achievements, IP advised ND he needed someone, like a financial adviser, to consolidate his assets. Who else could that be? IP presented a track record of handling someone’s finances that resulted in that person’s owning a home. ND was convinced.

First, IP decided to manage the operations of a place dear to ND. The staff are not happy whenever IP comes over with her family. Instead of running the place, IP seems to be on vacation with the staff at her beck and call. Some tasks are not even in their job description and IP does not leave tips nor pay for accommodations. Second, IP has recommended monetizing another investment of ND. The recommendation involves imposing membership fees. Friends of ND who are regulars will not be spared. After all, utilities have to be paid and friendships will not be able to answer for costs. Even if the friends regularly chip in for maintenance, IP wants a uniform amount to be billed.

When ND talked to his friends who helped him in that investment, they had mixed reactions. These friends were already with ND prior to the entry of IP. A Close Friend (CF) of ND knew the background of IP and warned ND about letting IP handle his finances. CF has insider information of how IP allegedly milked a wealthy relative. Allegedly, IP even suggested to ND to allow her to handle his main source of bread and butter when his current obligations are done.

‘It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.’ ― Confucius 

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  1. Ayyy row 4 ako dito. curious ako! wala masyadong clues. actor ba to? singer? si Nonchalant Dude? Mas bata ba si IP? Help! ang hirap.

    1. Mas Matanda yung D yung mas bata

    2. Hahahahaha NONCHALANT!

  2. so b and d????

    1. Baks, basa ulit! Si ND yung mapera, Nonchalant DUDE nga eh so lalake daba? Sa palagay mo mas mapera si D kay B? At mukha bang manggagantso si B? Haller!

  3. ND - W (?)
    IP - K (?)

  4. Nagmamanage ba ng finances si J?

  5. Nonchalant dude - sobrang bagay sa pagkatao nya ang description ni FP. Dedma!



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