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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Backing Out

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The idea was to pair off Venturing Actress (VA) with Engrossing Partner (EP) to regain focus on their loveteam. VA was interested and she has been wanting to try to be very close with EP. After all, EP was the one who got away. When they first worked together, the time was limited and encounters were strictly for business. VA was unable to make her moves despite the charm exuded by EP. The proposal seemed exciting.

Reality made VA think of the proposal. VA sensed their project would fail because EP was receiving unwanted attention from Another Talent (AT). Thus, if the project were given a love angle, VA feared the entry of AT would greatly affect the outcome. EP’s handlers said they’ll look into the matter. When they saw the range of attention, they said they will take advantage of it.

Thinking of EP’s fanbase, his handlers attempted to stir interest. However, the expectation was opposite and EP’s image was tarnished. Instead of their anticipated result, a chain reaction ensued. However, the moment did not last long enough.

VA witnessed what happened and realized the possible impact on her status. The slightest negative news can be blown out of proportion in the case of VA. VA cannot risk such situation, as future projects are in the offing. Celebrities are only as good as their last projects and VA knows that adage well. Finally, she called up the handlers and informed them that her schedule is full and she’s bowing out of the project. She added that she does not want to be involved in future non-project issues concerning EP.  

‘As much as agreeable people may love us, they often hate conflict even more. Their desire to please others and preserve harmony makes them prone to backing down instead of sticking up for us.’ − Adam M. Grant

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  1. VA - K
    EP - G
    AT - J

  2. you meant the K G na mag ex? i dont think. no one will dig to the K and G projects after the reveal

  3. I don't think this is K, G and J. K hasn't been keen to get close to G again, and their relationship before WAS very personal and romantic off-cam. Given how it ended, it was more 'good riddance' once she got her bearings, as opposed to TOTGA.

  4. VA - N?
    EP - J?
    AT - N?

  5. I think it's true. K,G & J of KaF
    Infernes, tama rin ginawa mo K.

  6. Ang lakas ng kapit ni G. Pati career ng iba i-susugal para lang makabagon ang career niya. User talaga

  7. Luh parang wapakels naman si K kay G ngayon. Parang J at N ata yan mga baks. Truelagen naman yung relationship ni K at G unlike ni J at N na dami nagdududa.

    1. Kaso yung J and N kasi actively working together naman so siguro di sila to.

  8. B J E ba? Most anticopated reunion kuno at paasa na laging nauudlot?



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