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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Too Loquacious

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Perhaps, Determined Personality (DP) is learning a lesson the hard way. Sometime ago, when DP was peaking in her career, she crossed Versatile Actress (VA) by badmouthing her. VA subsequently decided to try other paths to continue her career and found her spot in New Home (NH). Luckily, DP and VA became successful in their endeavors.

Years later, DP found herself in a situation that is now common to many talents, that is, waiting for a new assignment. DP is not one who will remain passive and thus she attempted to reach out to her former contacts. DP was hoping for opportunities that the bosses could give her. DP sent gifts to gain their favor. Unfortunately, DP was opinionated and some of her previously expressed not-so-nice comments about certain shows reached those bosses.

When Big Boss 1 (BB1) saw DP’s gift the first time, BB1 had them returned for health reasons. That did not quash DP and soon a new gift was sent. Instead of returning the gift again, BB1 gave them to Trusted Employee (TE). No secret can remain one and DP found out that TE was the one who enjoyed her gift. DP subsequently stopped trying to win over BB1. Now, DP is allegedly targeting another big boss.

Incidentally, DP’s options are limited, as NH is no longer possible. VA has already made NH her territory and allegedly warned her bosses about the possible consequences if they avail of DP’s services.

‘If you took your own direction / If only you practice what you preach / If you follow your advice / You wouldn't be burning bridges all the time.’ − Dave Mustaine

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  1. Replies
    1. Pakopya nga klasmeyt...clues pa please!

    2. Hindi ko nabalitaan na binad mouth ni DP si VA. Ma google nga.

  2. nailed it 128! ang reyna sa power trip ni A - kahit flopsy na rin naman and aging na

  3. More clues kay P please

  4. Bilog talaga yung mundo. Buti nga kay P

  5. Sino si P? Ang other clues po. Thank you.

  6. Replies
    1. This! Valedictorian tayo, klatmeyt.

    2. yan din tingin ko. di ko getsung yung P na sinasabi nila.

    3. Parang nalakatagal nang nag peak si K pero parang pasok nga yung clues. Pero ganun ba kalakas si A

    4. same tayo..di ko rin gets si P

  7. is this M, and is this I na booming sa v ngayon?



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