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Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Friend

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A prevailing cliché among actors is that finding true friends in the entertainment industry is impossible. Actors have a notion that they do not know when friends are real or just acting in the relationship to forward an agenda. Hence, friendship with fellow actors can be tricky.

By contrast, the friendship forged by Influential Personality (IP) and Captivating Entertainer (CE) is one of the most admired in the entertainment industry. Although IP and CE entered the business under different circumstances, their interest in entertainment, among others, deepened their relationship. As years passed, however, the two moved in diverse directions in the industry. Despite connections with competing entities, the two maintained their bond. For example, IP and CE often go on break at a guest house out of town. Sometimes, IP would borrow that venue from CE for his personal events and entertaining his guests.

When IP found himself in unexpected circumstances, CE bravely offered help. CE broached a possible project for IP. CE approached His Bosses (HB) about IP, but they set a condition. HB wanted noise for IP to drum up interest. Subsequently, other personalities made that condition concrete. IP was no longer passive and lived up to HB’s request.

Meanwhile, IP decided to take a vacation. The time would allow healing and the issues to rest. Only after such time will things become clear, and IP allegedly will respond to CE and HB.
‘A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.’ – Walter Winchell

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