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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Stalking and Insecurity

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Rumored Couple (RC) is apparently playing the waiting game with Speculated Partners (SP). According to their closest friends, RC is already open about their relationship although confirmation and public admission are needed. Fans and bashers are excited as to the moment when RC will reveal their relationship status.

Although the times have shifted the attention of the public to other matters, RC is still careful in being seen in public. RC is raring to be seen together without the usual fuss. Apparently, RC is waiting for SP to come out as a couple.

RC will have to wait longer, as SP’s camp has control over the affair. Allegedly, SP cannot come out in public, as orders of management prevent them from admitting anything. The excuse is that the projects in store for Female Half (FH) will have other actors as her screen partner. Hence, the management fears that fans will not be so keen on FH if she has a real relationship. Besides, her Male Half (MH) will be subjected to bashing, as fans can be mean if they would not respect FH’s choice.

When FH found out that RC’s Female Side (FS) seemed to be interested in her affair, she laughed at the idea. FH thought such moves were signs of insecurity and lack of confidence in FS’s partner.  

‘The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.’ ― Steven Furtick

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  1. J & G
    X & K

    Sleep nihgt!

    1. X as in ekis.

    2. Nakakaloka yung X&K hahaha wapakels
      sila kay J&G puwede ba

  2. J G B D First honor ako today!

  3. RC - G
    FH - B
    MH - D
    FS - J

    1. Perfect answers ka dyan 1:03 ! Congrats!!!👏

  4. RC- G,J
    SP- B,D
    FH- B
    MH- D
    FS- J

  5. jusko b as if naman insecure tlga sayo si j. baka other way around!

    1. Kaya nga tumawa sya kasi nahuli si J. Kung secure si J anong point na sumilip. Wag nya asahan si B at D dapat may tiwala sya kay G kung talagang mahal sya.



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