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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Respect the Decision

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Often, decisions are misinterpreted, especially by people who want to be pleased by entertainers. In the case of Female Celebrity (FC), fans have been wondering how she’s been spending her time these days. Various social media platforms are flooded with posts wanting to see more of FC. Apparently, FC has decided to abide by a family decision, which is to put family first. Her career can be placed on hold, as she explores other endeavors.

As FC has not had enough respite since she started working, a major step has given her the option to take things easy. Allegedly, Her Partner (HP) has put his foot down to ensure that FC gets a much-needed break. Even her bosses could not do anything to counter HP’s request, as the decision is still FC’s prerogative. HP only wants the best for FC and his request sends a message.

Although FC has expressed her missing working with the staff, she knows her priority. By being with family, FC and HP are having the best times of their lives and building memories away from the limelight. The arrangement ensures that FC makes the family enjoy her presence and kitchen skills.

Meanwhile, rumors have it that HP is protecting FC from unwanted attention as well. Some sectors are not keen on HP and those close to him given his decisions in another arena. Hence, HP does not want to place FC in an awkward spot that would link his affiliations with her choices.

‘Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.’ ― David Gemmell

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  1. Replies
    1. iba ang pinoprotektahan sa tinatago! ni ayaw nga aminin ng lalake na family na sila hehe. at wala namang clamour kay J na bumalik, di sya ganon kasikat.

    2. Aq,yong maraming fans ni J at gusto yong akting nya ang may gusto na bumalik sya.

      i hope you stop being bitter kay J,its very obvious that u r from the other fandom.
      Sana marealize nyo na walang ginagawa sa inyo yong tao.

      Accept things as they are.Y is in love w his real bf,bat ba ayaw nyo tanggapin.
      U claim to be a fan but u cant accept the real happiness of your fave actress.
      Stop being a selfish fan.

  2. Good choice! That means memories are more important than money.

    1. It means she already has money to maintain her lifestyle.

    2. after her marriage she's back to square one but that didnt matter bcoz the husband can provide well for them.

  3. uhhh enjoy family life. basta happy happy

  4. hayaan na sila.talagang paglagay sa tahimik na buhay ung prio nila. they can afford it, walang masama protecting each other. if anything, they are making smart decisions.

  5. It's a good decision as long as they don't burn bridges or turn cold to those that helped them shape their careers. Just state your reason well and hope they'll understand your decision.

  6. Good choice she needed that rest....enjoy life be happy

  7. Para sa akin tama lang na my break muna si S. Since ngstart career niya wala siyang naging pahinga.. Deserve niya un..kung talagang fan ka niya support mo decision nya.. Di ung idedemand mo na 24/7 eh asa tv sya.. Anu neh..robot?

  8. Bawal lumabas ang peg ni S, charot!

  9. At first I thought its S and M but with the clues and the title I guess its M and D of kah.

  10. Una I was thibking of C and J. Then S and M came to my mind too...
    Probably C and J coz partners? Hnd husband ang term kay HP.
    What do u think classmates?

  11. first, s and m ang akala ko. but un title ng BI points to D and M. pero lamang din anh C and J because of the clue they used Partner rather than husband or spouse. balakayo dyan

  12. If it’s S and M, which I think it is cuz of the clamor, then good and well. S deserves to rest and have her own time and space. Will patiently wait for her return!

  13. D and M. D is a known critic of current admin that is why there is threat sa kanila.

  14. i think C and J. because C had been previously vocal about his thoughts against the current administration. baka ma-corner si J and tanungin if she agrees with C's opinions.



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