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Friday, February 5, 2021

Insta Scoop: Miriam Quiambao Roberto Gives Update on Pregnancy and Subchorionic Hemorrhage Issue

Images courtesy of Instagram: miriamq888



  1. That last sentence though... All for the views. Desperation ba? Lahat na lang i share. Bordering on TMI already & being tacky

    1. Lahat naman gustong kumita. Pandemic ngayon madaming walang trabaho. You can call them desparate pero kung jan sila kumikita then its non of your business.

    2. When you start sharing your life in public, it's everybody's business 10:44 kasi dyan nga sila kumikita di ba? Tingin mo ba they will get sponsors or ads kung may manonood sa kanila? Just stop with your none of your business or it's their life, their rules blah blah. Lahat gustong kimita but the difference is that ordinary people work without using their family.

  2. Had subchorionic hemorrhage on all my 3 pregnancies. For my first child, bed rest ako for 3 months. Sabi ng doctor ko, hindi naman grabe yung case ko pero we chose the caution side kasi I’d rather na OA ako sa pagiging careful and find out na it was nothing pala kysa maging lax and may mangyari sa baby ko. By God’s grace, safe lahat naging outcome ng pregnancies ko.

  3. Nakakatawa talaga mga artista sa pinas and everyone here in general, they dont value privacy at all, an open book, i take it back, its actually TMI already, it is actually scary and alarming kasi scammers and identity thieves are lurking and just waiting for a good opportunity to strike, hope people here realize that.

  4. Sobrang scary ang SCH! I had that and was put on bed rest for months.



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