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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Her Way

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If Weighty Woman (WW) had her way, significant changes in a show would have happened earlier. WW was concerned at how Determined Talent (DT) had been playing her role to a hilt beyond the script. Even if a secret was allegedly out in the open in showbiz circles, DT’s behavior did not sit well with WW.

DT has been pursuing Gracious Host (GH) according to insiders. However, GH only has a physical attraction towards DT. The tension between WW and DT remained low-key and only the ones who had knowledge saw that the two were chiding each other in social media.

WW had enough and allegedly suggested a major step in making sure DT would no longer have easy access to GH. At the professional level, GH told WW that her request was difficult. WW stood her ground and suggested how an exit can be done smoothly. As to whether DT knew the background work was not in her favor, no one really knows. However, when she realized the end was near, she was relieved given that she could move on to other explorations.

WW was not going to let the event pass, as she made sure she witnessed the implementation. Her presence was justified with the excuse of bringing food to GH’s workplace. In the end, WW did have her way and GH would no longer be distracted.

‘The practice of love offers no place of safety. We risk loss, hurt, pain. We risk being acted upon by forces outside our control.’ ― Bell Hooks

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  1. Good job, WW. You win.

  2. WW - j
    DT - y
    GH - c

  3. WW - J
    DT - Y
    GH - C

  4. Hahaha, WW wins. Lol, dapat lang gurl. Oh well, kung ayaw nman talaga ni GH wla din nman mangyayari but he obliged, so...

  5. San network sila. No idea. Is ww a host?

    1. I think ibang meaning ng host ata base sa mga sagot. KaF sila.

    2. KaF. No, not a host.

  6. bye DT.. now you have to explore other opportunities waiting for you



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