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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Tough Decision (Part 1)

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Many followers have speculated on the real reason for the breakup of the relationship of Male Personality (MP) and Talked-about Woman (TW). When their story was made known to the public, many admired the resilience of their relationship and assumed that they were going to last. However, their fairytale ended just as when things were supposed to be exciting.

After TW moved on, MP opened up to a friend and disclosed why they did not last long enough. MP confessed that he had apprehensions on a major decision TW made. He was not a 100% for her, but he did what he could to show support, such as being present in her major event. MP noticed that TW could not give him as much time as needed, but he tried to understand that things will indeed result in her diminished presence in his life. Subsequently, TW had to move to meet expectations. MP said they were still on good terms at this time.

However, when TW landed at her new pad, she no longer contacted MP. His attempts to reach out to her were not answered and he had no idea if he had been blocked or she changed her number. Then, he came across a social media post showing TW and her relatives with Network Colleague (NC). At that time, MP and TW were still fine and thus, he did not mind NC’s presence. He thought NC was with TW simply for a gathering. He dismissed the context of the photo as well as press people asking for his reaction.

Sensing things were not moving right, MP wanted to follow TW, but his work got in the way. He could not just fly out, as he had just started his work. Then, he opted to give space to TW, as he assumed she might still be adjusting to her new environment. Weeks later, MP received a message and a photo showing TW dining with NC. MP did not put malice in the photo. Besides, MP had nothing to be jealous about when it comes to NC if rumors were to be believed.

Months passed and MP received the life-changing phone call from TW. TW broke up with him. The issues piled up and she said the breakup would allow both of them to grow separately. She even advised him to pursue his career. Eventually, MP agreed as he no longer wanted to be a hindrance as TW’s fulfills her dream. TW never mentioned NC at that time. Nonetheless, TW and MP decided to stay silent and not to talk to the press about their breakup.

What about TW’s point of view? To be continued…

‘It's not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. What's hard, she said, is figuring out what you're willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about.’ ― Shauna Niequist

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  1. Tw - c
    Mp- c
    Nc - s

  2. Tw- c
    Mp- c
    Nc- s (hindi mag la last talaga kung totoo yung rumorsđź‘€)

  3. TW - N
    MP - J
    NC - S

    Tama ba mga seswang? Hahah!

  4. Imposibleng si C and C ito dahil inamin naman ni C na hiwalay na sila bago pa pumasok si S

  5. Delulu ka nay. Never naging si A and M

  6. More clue mga beks hu hu hu sino sila?

  7. Move on..basta, kumg mahal ni Ex si Girl e inayos niya buhay niya. Single sila pare pareho..move on.



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