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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Not Following Instructions

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When a group of artists decided to work together for a common project, the behind-the-scene preparations were more interesting than the outcome. Decisions were made as to which artists to cast. As the talent pool is rich, the participants were chosen to reach out to various groups of fans. The gamble was worth it, as fans reacted as expected.

During the preparation, the team was hesitant on allowing Member One (MO) to join them. MO is known to be hard to work with and having a mind of her own can be troublesome. The other members braced themselves for MO’s behavior. Luckily, all the members, including MO, were passionate. The project was fulfilled and post-plans were decided. One crucial item was the date of release. With or without the pandemic, the timing of showing can make or break a project.

The team agreed on a common date of presenting the said project. The schedule was set, but everyone was shocked, as MO released the project ahead of everyone else. MO did not care, as she did not follow the agreement on the schedule. The other project members were very disappointed, but not surprised. MO has a reputation within the circle as difficult, which they knew anyway. Rumors have it that MO was not really part of the project, but was asked to join, as her presence could arouse interest. Her presence did, but her post-project behavior proved expectations about her attitude.

‘How you treat the one reveals how you regard the many, because everyone is ultimately a one.’ ― Stephen R. Covey

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