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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Saved by Love

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Showbiz relationships typically experience additional pressure coming from fans who do not favor the partners. Thus, most showbiz couples would rather keep their relationships under wraps to protect from bashers. Bashers can be relentless in posting comments as though they know the reason a celebrity should not end up with another. Nonetheless, celebrity couples who negate comments from bashers and end up together make the most out of their relationships. Consequently, most bashers are silenced at seeing the success of such relationships.

After a time of being together, a showbiz couple successfully silenced their bashers and are on their way to happily ever after. What fans do not know is that the relationship was jeopardized because of an almost Third Party (TP). When Versatile Celebrity (VC) was cast in a project with TP, he did not realize what would happen behind the scenes. In the project, VC and TP played lovers and love scenes were part of the script. The production had no problem with motivation, as TP was giving her all-out effort with VC when the cameras rolled. The problem happened when the cameras stopped rolling. TP would flirt with VC and poke his abs, even if she knew he was committed with Low Profile Girlfriend (LG).

While on location, the shooting ended early and TP treated the boys to a round of drinks. TP became tipsy and VC as well. The staff did not put malice when TP brought VC to his room. They knew that VC was seriously in love with LG, but they also realized that TP did not leave the room of VC until morning. Someone then asked TP if she slept in VC’s room. She gave an affirmative answer and added that they talked the night away until they fell asleep. Such response raised eyebrows.

The incident reached LG, who then confronted VC about his action. VC insisted that nothing but talking happened during the time he spent with TP in his room. Later on, LG admitted to a friend that the doubt was quite great and endangered the status of their relationship. The two had been saving up for their special day and life together. The incident almost made that day unattainable, but the love of VC and LG prevailed. The two survived the seemingly innocent threat of TP. Meanwhile, TP has moved on to a new man. 

‘Jealousy isn't a pleasant quality, but if it isn't overdone (and if it's combined with modesty), apart from its inconvenience there's even something touching about it.’ ― Milan Kundera

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  1. A & M kaH
    Third Party were J

  2. VC - M, LG - M, TP - A. Kah lahat

  3. VC - Z
    LG - J
    TP - B, not his ex

  4. Yan din entry ko. M,M,A ng KaH

  5. Sino ba naman kasing pinanganak kahapon ang maniniwalang nag-usap lang sila magdamag?

    Kung sakaling wala nga talagang nangyari, nakakapagselos pa rin yung nagkwentuhan silang dalawa buong gabi at hindi natulog. Kasi ang mga lalaki hindi mahilig makipag-usap ng ganung katagal sa isang babae unless type nila.

  6. Could it be..
    VC - C
    LG - J
    TP - Y
    The only thing is, ‘saving up’ daw.. diba super yaman na ni C?

    1. 6:32am. Wag mo ipilit.. isa pa, walang abs yung tinutukoy mo! Chusera ka!

    2. Mukang hind sila 'to

    3. Where's the abs?

  7. Hala. Iba iba ang answers natin mga classmates. Sino kya tong mga to

  8. M,M,A rin hula ko mga baks lol on their way to happily ever after na raw at nakamove on na si almost TP :) woot woot pers honor!



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