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Sunday, June 21, 2020

His Preference

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When Versatile Actor (VA) was discovered by an Industry Icon (II) sometime ago, doors opened in front of him. II is well respected and his reputation paved the way for the usual start in showbiz for a newbie. After a few modeling contracts and endorsements, VA soon made his trail into showbiz. Although his initial movies were not well-received, VA pursued his acting and eventually improved his craft.

As VA rose in the ranks, rumors about his sexuality started to emerge. No proof or a lover came out and such rumors were eventually quashed. VA married and sired wonderful children. Being settled silenced the sexuality rumor for a time. VA tried other venues to explore his other gifts. He emerged successful and continued to gain the respect of the industry.

The married life of VA prospered, but he had to experience several relationships until the right one seemed to come along. Like many of his colleagues, VA managed to keep his love life private and lovers protected from the limelight. He does have a reputation to protect after all and his partners were mostly private persons.

While the rumors of his sexuality seemed to have died down, the grapevine is again buzzing about it. Allegedly, VA is currently linked to a businessperson who is connected to a known resort. Once again, VA has kept his personal liaisons quiet and people who have seen him with his new love assume that VA indeed swings both ways.

‘Love has no gender - compassion has no religion - character has no race.’ ― Abhijit Naska

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  1. Married with children. Ang hirap!

  2. E - veteran actor na currently nasa KaF.

  3. Ok so bisexual siya? Pero hindi yan rason para magcheat sya sa asawa nya. Yung mga friends kong bi hindi sila cheaters.



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