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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Ensuring Her Future

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The past months have tested many relationships. While some relationships gave in to the pressure of giving up, others, by contrast, resulted in reconciliation. The sudden lack of activities and uncertainty have made many reflect on their current situation and relationships. The time spent away from families and friends led to realizing the important factors in life for others.

When her usual lifestyle was disrupted by the stoppage of businesses due to the pandemic, Artistic Entrepreneur (AE) found herself questioning her financial future. Sometime ago, AE earned much due to her undisclosed private activities. Earnings coming from her alleged transactions enabled her to support her lifestyle and not depend on her wealthy family. However, these transactions made her distance herself from Influential Elder (IE). IE advised AE to fix her dealings and even seek medical counsel, but the pleas were unheard. AE’s current projects were put on hold as well, given that customer priorities changed as a result of the virus.

As time passed, AE realized that IE can provide her financial security in the future. However, to ensure that plan, she needed to swallow her pride and reach out to IE. After all, the ones who have turned their backs will never gain favor from anyone. The time during the pandemic made AE think about many things about her life and IE. Hence, she followed what was right and once again, she’s back in IE’s graces. All’s well that ends well, and AE’s finances secure.

‘Sometimes,’ Brys ventured, ‘when nothing can be shared except regret, then regret must serve as the place to begin. Reconciliation does not demand that one side surrender to the other. The simple, mutual recognition that mistakes were made is in itself a closing of the divide.’ ― Steven Erikson

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