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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dennis Uy’s Udenna Foundation and MyongJi Hospital in Fight Against Covid-19 Donate Diagnostic Kits

Sample state-of-the-art COVID-19 diagnostic kit donated by Udenna Foundation, in cooperation with South Korea's MyongJi Hospital, to the Department of Health

Yeong Gi Kim, official representative of MyongJi Medical Foundation and CanerRop in the Philippines, with Tessa Artadi, Udenna Corporation Head Marketing and Communications, at Udenna's headquarters in Bonifacio Global City.

Early this week, the private sector once again showed its contribution to helping the fight against Covid-19. On March 13, Udenna Foundation, which is headed by Chairperson Dennis Uy, together with MyongJi Hospital in South Korea, donated 1,000 Covid-19 diagnostic kits to the Department of Health.

MyongJi Hospital is among the first to have a significant part in diagnosing and treating the first patients of Covid-19 in Seoul. The hospital used test kits developed by its subsidiary, Biomedical company- CancerRop. In two hours, the kit can generate diagnoses with almost 99.99% accuracy. Early detection is key to treating Covid-19 patients, as they can be given the appropriate treatment and placed in isolation.

MyongJi Hospital pledges to exchange knowledge with DOH concerning treatment protocols for all levels of Covid-19 patients. Udenna Foundation, meanwhile, will continue its cooperation with DOH in reaching people and providing information about preventing the spread of Covid-19 and mitigating worry. 


  1. Can other people donate money so more kits can be bought? Sana.

  2. Maraming salamat po sa tulong nyo.



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