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Monday, March 9, 2020

Pursuing Opulence

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Struggling Talent (ST) knows all the trades that would enable him to survive even if he does not have projects. Once, he tried to get into business and that endeavor was successful for some time, but had to close due to market forces. Sadly, getting back into the industry was not as easy as leaving. Talents are too many these days, and competing with them would not be a worthwhile game for ST. Thus, he knew he had other assets to ensure his lifestyle without begging stations for projects.

One time, ST met Rich Benefactor (RB). RB is an enterprising person, who is known for his business sense. He and ST hit it off, but their ‘relationship’ was purely physical and they were just together for RB’s physical needs and ST’s financial goals. The deal was RB would provide for ST’s material needs and ST does his work in the bedroom. ST was impressive and RB was highly satisfied. The situation was win-win.

During a private event, RB was confided into by a Credible Friend (CF). CF told RB that ST is seeing Another Benefactor (AB) on the side. As CF is a trusted pal, RB hired an investigator to check the story. The investigator reported to RB that ST was indeed seen with AB in various functions that includes even sports. No chumminess or PDA was observed between ST and AB. However, the two would leave in one car and ST does not get off anywhere. The investigator could no longer provide information after AB’s car enters a private subdivision.

The initial reaction of RB was calmness, as he knows RB and he no longer wondered, as a previous lover also went over to AB. Nonetheless, he had to confront ST. RB asked ST why he was hanging around AB. ST was taken aback and did not like the question. So, he replied that their meetings were for possible business transactions. Then, RB pointed out to ST that he was seen in one car with AB. ST became angry and questioned why RB had him followed. ST was worried that AB might find out. Immediately, ST ended their relationship. RB then said that when he leaves, he should not take the luxury car. ST left without the said car.

As few days later, ST was spotted driving a luxury car, which was priced higher than RB’s car. Speculations were divided whether ST borrowed the said car from AB or AB gave him that car. The only thing sure is that if ST manages to work out a relationship with AB, he could leave showbiz permanently. Besides, ST has hit more than a jackpot with AB. As for RB, well, he will not play a money tug-o-war with AB for ST, as AB is far wealthier.

‘You certainly know when you have an opportunity, and you want to take advantage of it. And it's certainly disappointing when you don't.’ – Peyton Manning

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