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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Marriage Crisis

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Sometime ago, Retired Talent (RT) was on the verge of making a stable career. She was a fresh face amidst the usual singers and dancers, and her name had recall. Soon, she was in various programs and movies. Such was a sign that she could make it big in the industry. Typically, with the space for fame once again occupied by wannabees, RT had to find her own opportunities and had to take a break from acting.

Meanwhile, RT found love with a Showbiz Personality (SP). SP, who is related to a controversial Network Personality (NP), tried his luck in showbiz. However, his career remained at a certain level, as being in the shadow of NP did not do much wonder. Thus, SP had to strike on his own and explore other opportunities. However, acting offers would come once in a while and SP would make himself available. With his work came the balancing act of maintaining a family life with RT.

Although often away from the limelight, the state of marriage of RT and SP is making its way into the grapevine. Apparently, the rumor revolves around an alleged Health Professional (HP) who is fancying SP even if she knows he has a family and kids. HP is familiar with showbiz insiders, as she has participated in various functions that touched on a bit of the entertainment industry. Age was not an issue between HP and SP. SP was pursued.

Friends who are hearing about the rumors started to worry for the marriage of RT and SP. After all, the two seemed like an ideal couple and a third party might not be a welcomed factor in the life of RT and SP. What troubled their friends is that HP has an image, which makes her a role model of sorts. Thus, having the alleged affair with SP does not speak well for her professional and personal reputation.

‘If you truly want to be respected by people you love, you must prove to them that you can survive without them.’ ― Michael Bassey Johnson

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  1. See know eetoe???

  2. Hmmm. Sino kea to?

  3. SP- M kapatid ni C na macho. RT- C singer dati. HP- ?

  4. RT is K SP is O NP is V HP??? No idea pero ang haliparot mo.



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