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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Just Another Scam

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Netizens are wondering if a Known Comedian (KC) is aware that his name is being dragged in a controversy in which he has no direct involvement at all, except for having had a failed relationship with Non-showbiz Partner (NP). Over the years, KC started from humble beginnings until a show saw his potential and the management gave him break. Realizing that KC had rapport with the viewers, his stay was made longer. KC did not hesitate and showed his range of talents.

With KC’s constant exposure, familiarity widened and his every move was closely scrutinized. Thus, even his past connections unearthed and his life with NP was not spared. Today, rumors are again alive concerning the behavior of NP. Certain individuals are complaining that NP is an alleged scammer in an industry that can be considered as investment.

The modus operandi of NP is to look for possible clients for rentals. NP is a good communicator and highly skilled in convincing people. She even quotes from the Bible to win over the trust of her targets. After she receives the money, she disappears. Thus, the expecting client is left with nothing but an empty promise and at the losing end of an arrangement with NP.

Sadly, such incident is not new for NP. Sometime ago, NP has allegedly been involved in a similar practice and thus, earning the tag of ‘scammer.’ NP, as a former lover, is still being linked to KC, who has since found a new person to love. The social media posts alluding to NP’s unscrupulous practice mention KC in the same breath, which is unfair to him and their children.

‘The hustler knew that all that people ever wanted in the world was what they could not have, and what they had already lost.’ ― Stuart Stromin

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  1. KC - J of Ka H
    borlogs na me

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ang alam ko itinatago ng mga anak nya si NP dahil wanted, pero hindi pa rin pala ito tumitigil sa mga modus nya. Hindi na yata magbabago si NP sobra sa pagkagahaman sa pera. Buti na lang happy na si KC sa bago nyang partner at wala nang kaso.

    1. Walang kinalaman si KC sa mga ginagawa ni NP dahil matagal na silang hiwalay. Ang mga anak lang nila ang may communication kay NP--2:37

  4. Si J and ex wife ang bida rito

  5. Kawawa naman si J, nakakaladkad ang pangalan nya kahit tapos na sila ng ex nya. Mukha pa namang matino si J.

  6. Scammer through and through yang ex wife ni J. She's a hopeless case. Ang laki ng utang niyan sa mga businessmen.

  7. NP was one of my client who buys condo. Good thing naging alerto kame and never gave our trust. Kilala sya sa rental bussiness within QC.

  8. walang kadala dala yung ex ni J,,, kawawa yung mga anak nya,,,di na nahiya...matagal ng hiwalay dinadamay pa din si J...



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