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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Disappointing Behavior

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Looking back, Award-winning Actress (AA) has had an illustrious and interesting life. As a young woman at the start of her career, AA was honed into acting by the best directors of the industry. Following the typical path, AA tried as many roles as possible, from romance to comedy, AA has performed well. However, drama brought out the best of her skills.

Similar to other actresses, AA has had her share of relationships and of course, heartbreaks. However, AA would rise up and find love over again. Finally, her last relationship led to marriage and AA seems to be content balancing her family duties and acting career. It’s not like she needs to work, but projects do come her way and her fans have remained loyal ever since she started her career.

One of the qualities that stands out whenever AA is talked about is attitude. Surprisingly, AA has lasted long in the industry despite her attitude. Off cam, AA is assumed to have a mean streak, which is the opposite of her roles on cam. For instance, AA allegedly caused a scene at a department store sometime ago.

As she was paying for her purchase, the cashier informed AA that her credit has been overdrawn. Of course, AA was too shocked at the rejection of her credit card. Instead of being calm, AA allegedly threw her credit card at the cashier, who was stunned that a supposedly well-respected celebrity can do that. The cashier was just an ordinary person doing her job and AA went over the top.

These days, as the cast members of various soaps are getting younger, they often look forward to working with senior actresses, and AA is a perennial favorite. Once they see her off cam side, may young talents realize where they should place themselves.

‘Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.’ - Tom Blandi

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  1. Replies
    1. This is D. I was still working for that big store when that incident happened. My sister saw also her rudeness in a high-end mall in Makati to a saleslady. To think she is not that glamorous nor beautiful.

  2. Perennial favorite sa soaps? M?

    1. Yung M na kakagaling lang sa famous soap? Don’t think so as it says married na.

  3. si D! may attitude na talaga siya dati pa

  4. D! Sa ichura pa lang maldita na!

  5. Bakit may kumukuha pa dyan kay D eh mas marami namang mas magagaling sa kanya.

  6. Hindi na s'ya marunong mag-manage ng kaniyang finances. Kawawa naman.



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