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Friday, March 20, 2020

Carrying On

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Work these days is important to keep the popularity of celebrities on top of stabilizing their finances. Given the competition, landing a role in a project should make any talent grateful that he/she has work to support her needs. Sadly, not every talent values the opportunity to work. In the case of Creative Talent (CT), she stretched the patience of the production, and consequently, she had to be cut.

When CT realized the effects of her taking for granted her work, the realization was too late. Although she asked if the decision can be changed, she was turned down, as her actions affected the work flow of the production. Granting her wish would be unfair, as the management is known to be strict when it comes to sanctioning truant talents. Besides, CT is not exactly among the top-tier network talents. She’s talented and has a solid fan base, but such are not enough.

Then, one day, CT’s former production team was surprised to see her in a new project immediately. Her presence in the said project was a shock, as usually other network talents are tapped when someone has to be replaced. Rumors surrounding her presence moved along the grapevine. One such rumor was seeing CT enter the private room of Top Insider (TI).

The room of TI is where he spends time to rest, as his work can be overwhelming. No one can enter the said room and is considered as off-limits to anyone. Allegedly, someone saw CT enter that room and no one knows what she did inside it. Nonetheless, seeing CT in a project with TI made the rumor louder. Apparently, CT has a reputation for influencing powerful personalities via her own short cut.

‘I really like the idea of being a bit unpredictable. I'm known for being a nice, easy-going person with a straightforward exterior. So I think a bit of me wants to be sort of sly and devious.’ – Mark Haddon

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  1. A and B both kaF

    1. Clues naman

    2. same answer din me. alams na

    3. Di ko mahulaan haha. Clues pa more! Sino yung girl kay A at B?

    4. Sinong A? The face shifter?

    5. Oh mygosh naloka ako kay B

    6. Clue naman kay B classmates

  2. CT - O (nickname) ?
    TI - C

    both ka-F

  3. A si girl. Di ko sure sino si D.



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