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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Reeking of Deceit

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The workplace can be vicious. Employees can badmouth each other thinking their remarks would not reach the subject. However, ill talk about others will always find a way to emerge. Local stations are no different and once again, one’s outer looks can hide the negativity one carries in his/her heart.

In the process of making herself come out as better than the rest, Strong Personality (SP) would say things about her peers, who found out about her statements. The peers were irked, as SP seemed to create an impression that she was better than everyone else in the team. Accordingly, the real personality of SP is quite negative, and her blabber is just the tip of the iceberg.

Allegedly, SP has even been lying about her state of affairs. SP has been claiming that she only had two very close relationships, but other men in her field have revealed being with her. Thus, SP might be promiscuous behind that image. Worse, wives and girlfriends of certain male personalities in her field have been complaining of how SP has been sending messages to their partners. SP has been extending invitations to meet up. The wives and girlfriends are afraid that their partners might end up in the parking lot with SP giving them a job. Unfortunately, they do not want to call her out, as she has a bit of power that can be used to affect the careers of their male partners.

Meanwhile, her peers have to live with her attitude. According to them, SP can be sweet toward certain male celebrities, but subsequently use her experience with them to her advantage. The smile can be devious, as anytime, SP can blurt out a backstabbing remark and others might believe her statements as truth.

“I am convinced that human life is filled with many pure, happy, serene examples of insincerity, truly splendid of their kind-of people deceiving one another without (strangely enough) any wounds being inflicted, of people who seem unaware even that they are deceiving one another.” - Osamu Dazai

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  1. Juicy to ha. KaF or KaH?

  2. This is K. Word has gone around she's been doing the deed in parking lots.

  3. Sorry pero ano yung KaS

  4. same question here classmates, ano yung kaS?

  5. Halatang baguhan ang iba dito hindi alam ang KaS or nakalimutan na?

  6. Sorry, klasmeyts. Need help here. Wala akong kilala sa Ka-S.

  7. KaS si R other network

  8. This is R of KaS
    Field is B and N
    Kalat na kalat na to matagal na. Di lang maingay mga wives kasi nga powerful daw si tita

  9. More clues please huhuhu



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