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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Unguarded Behavior

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The destructive behavior of Struggling Actor (SA) was watched closely by the public. As a familiar face, his actions off cam attract attention. Thus, every step he takes has extra eyes waiting for him to falter.

SA started out as a promising young talent and his efforts were often noticed by critics. SA would receive accolades and his seniors would praise him. The industry saw potential and SA was supposed to be on the road to becoming one of the better actors of his generation. That was not the case. Personal matters started to affect SA, as he realized that he cannot use his acting skills to face reality. He had vices that were typical for his age and his indulgences got the better of him.

On the one hand, the industry can be kind to its players and present all opportunities. On the other hand, the same industry can be united in dismissing a former toast of the town. SA fell in the second category. However, love for his art prevailed and SA was given another chance, as he promised to live for the better. Everyone loves a person who turns over a leaf.

While SA seems to be the good boy these days, he might not be mindful enough to ensure that he behaves properly in public. During a town event, SA was allegedly spotted in a bar drinking with women. People who saw SA found his behavior quite unbecoming, as it seemed opposite the image he wanted the public to believe in. What was sad is that SA was in town for a personal matter, which does not call for such behavior.

Despite his rollercoaster personal experiences, SA has continued to strive and not lose faith in life. Still, some habits seem to be hard to shrug off.

‘That human behavior is more influenced by things outside of us than inside. The 'situation' is the external environment. The inner environment is genes, moral history, religious training.’ – Philip Zimbardo

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