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Friday, January 24, 2020

Genuine Counselling

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Tough times call for touch decisions. Showbiz Personality (SP) had to face the reality that she was not living on limited resources, which can be exhausted if she does not handle what is given to her wisely. As SP has a golden heart toward certain people, she realized that she might not be able to provide for them as she did before, as her budget is tighter.

SP decided to talk to one of Her Dependents (HD) and share her reality. Ever since the breaks stopped coming her way, HD had to look for means to support her family. SP was the person she turned to. Willingly, SP took care of the expenses of HD, from the needs of her children to household expenses, including overhead. HD, meanwhile, gave her full loyalty, which SP appreciated.  

Things have changed and SP can no longer support HD as much. Thus, she suggested for HD to try to look for work. HD said that she might have an offer soon and things are just being ironed out. SP was hopeful, as HD having work would mean much for her self-esteem. However, no timetable was given.

Further, SP advised HD to reflect on how a Once-linked Actor (OA) managed to revive his career. OA reached the peak of his career years ago, which was almost the same time as HD was gaining respect for her own skills. However, audiences can be picky and easy to shift loyalties. Thus, OA had to rethink of his strategy of maintaining his popularity. Sadly, OA’s career dipped, but he managed to revive his profession recently. Thus, OA has a stable career that can provide for the needs of his family.  

With a successful career, SP noted that OA can very well be a good provider. Thus, in addition to advising HD to derive inspiration from how OA turned his career around, SP nonchalantly told HD to rethink her personal dealings with OA as well. After all, everyone wants a smooth relationship with former partners and HD might need that stability back in her life.

‘The mark of the man is how he responds to situations. You're not going to avoid tough times. We're all over the barrel some of the time. What are you going to do about it?’ – Martin Short

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  1. I dont think OA still wants HD

  2. G,C,R? Hula lang.

  3. SP - G
    HD - C
    OA - ?

  4. Why didn't HD look for work instead of just depending on SP?

  5. Sp - j
    Hd - m
    Ao - D


  6. Siguro naman OA is giving financial support.

  7. SP - G
    HD - C
    OA - R or D (hindi naman sinabi ni fp na revive sa pag aartista at naisip ko na successful si D ngayon sa career nya so possible si D.)

  8. SP- J, HD-A, OA-A

  9. SP - g, HD - c, OA - ex LT ni hd na si I

  10. SP—M HD— s OA— J

  11. this is G R C, nakakapagtaka lang ang tagal na nang nakatengga ni HD bakit hindi pa din sya nabibigyan uli ng chance magaling na aktres pa naman



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