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Friday, January 10, 2020

Feisty Mouth

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Sometime ago, Talented Celebrity (TC) was asked what she thought about certain personalities whom she had worked and might work with in the future. TC was gracious to say kind words in front of the press, who agreed with her statements. TC praised Young Personality (YP), whom she said was professional and easy to work with. As YP is well-loved, TC was lauded.

After the interviews, TC went home and rode with non-showbiz people. To their shock, TC started to rant about how difficult it was to pretend in front of the press. She said the truth was that she found YP hard to work with. YP was often late and tinkering with her mobile. TC assumed YP must be exchanging messages with a significant other.

TC did not stop there and continued. As YP was always late, their blocking and rehearsals were often sacrificed. Hence, YP would forget her lines. TC said that only because YP was the favorite of the bosses was the reason why she had work. For sure, TC claimed, if YP did not have fans, she would not be considered by the bosses. The blatant attitude and continued yacking of TC caught the team off-guard, but they could only listen to her.

As they reached their destination, TC left immediately, which then gave a few minutes for Someone (SO) to say her own piece. SO said that TC has become heavy to work with and SO felt that she might be undergoing something. TC has not been given as many assignments as before, and this lack of work has affected the family budget. TC had allegedly sold off a few of her things and has tried her hand at becoming an entrepreneur.

Allegedly, TC was supposed to be included in a hit movie, but was dropped because a Cast Member (CM) did not like her uncalled-for comments. CM felt TC became too personal with her statements that hurt someone close to CM.

Incidentally, the tactlessness of TC was one of the issues raised against her by production people of a network. Allegedly, TC can backstab her co-workers. As what goes around comes around, TC’s mean words would reach the subjects. The production people who had become her target have become cool in giving TC work. Thus, explains why she is no longer the favored one.

‘You cannot control the thought, but you can control the tongue.’ – Amit Kalantri

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  1. tc - a
    yp - m
    cm - v

    happy guessing mga classmates

  2. TC-P kaf YP-M kah CM-V kaf

    1. Yan din hula ko 245. Ako i never found TC's brand of comedy funny.

      At sino kaya yung someone close kay CM na nahurt sa comment ni TC? Si I?

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah not the first time to hear she's difficult to work with. Pati team nya may attitude.

  4. Ang hirap naman classmates help

  5. Yan lagi ang issue kay YP even sa mga shoots nya sa location at sa mga ads at dun sa teleserye nya before. Late dumadating na pagdating wala na nga sa mood, busy pa sa kakatuldok ng phone at laging may katawagan. Pasalamat na lang talaga sya at love sya ng management nya pero hanggang kailan?

  6. TC - J
    YP - M na very ordinary looking actress

  7. YP-M KaH
    CM-V KaH
    TC - either A of KaH or P of KaF?

  8. TC - A
    YP - M
    CM - V

    Sure na! Niresearch ko pa talaga to kasi di ako maka get over sa BI na to 😂

  9. TC - P
    YP - M
    CM - Di ako sure but could be V
    Ndi ko knows sinong close to V that P hurt

  10. YC is definitely M .............TC is P .........



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