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Monday, January 13, 2020

Crazy Move

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Social media can always attract assumptions that can make or break any intention. These days, sending direct messages or even posting reactions to posts can create controversy. No one is spared when a netizen–basher decides to spew tasteless reactions. Respect seems to be negated when a basher uses words to pin down a personality. Thus, most would rather send direct messages to be away from the uncalled-for reactions of social media followers.

One time, Versatile Talent (VT) was overwhelmed and excited when young Non-showbiz Achiever (NA) noticed his message. As the post went public, VT was harassed by bashers and NA had no choice but to defend VT. Correspondingly, NA admitted that he was flattered that VT took time to send him a message.

The story, however, did not stop at that moment. VT allegedly assumed that NA was interested to become friends with him. Thus, VT sent an invitation for coffee or just hanging out at his pad to NA.

What VT did not know is that NA relegated access to his social media account to Influential Relation (IR). NA thought it best to have IR answer queries and comments from his fanbase so he can concentrate on his work. Later, VT sent a message that seemed more direct than the invitation. Allegedly, VT praised the physique of NA and he wanted to touch the abs of NA. IR read the message and was alarmed at the insinuation.

IR turns out to be aware of the personality of VT and his alleged involvement with other male celebrities. Thus, IR replied with a scathing message that threatened to reveal the messages of VT to NA if he does not stop communicating with NA. Further, IR reminded VT that NA was still young and starting his career. Moreover, he does not want NA to be associated to sexuality issues.

VT was shocked when he read the reply. Quickly, he apologized to IR and promised not to bug NA again.

‘Making assumptions simply means believing things are a certain way with little or no evidence that shows you are correct, and you can see at once how this can lead to terrible trouble.’ – Lemony Snicket

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  1. VT - M
    NA - C

    Uwian na! First time ko magets ang mga BI dito

  2. NA - C
    VT - M

    Nailed it!

  3. Naku. Pati ba naman bata? Sana dun na lang sa adult at yung nagrireply sa kanya. J should've taken the hint before IR found out.

  4. Bata pa si C! Mygoodness naman, M!

  5. NA-C, VT-M..parang na-turned off nman ako kay VT-M after reading this. Kabata-bata pa ni NA-C ha, tumigil-tigil nga sya noh.

  6. grabeh! Wal ba makuhang kasing edad nya tong si M at pati bata eh pinupuntirya.. kakahiya!

  7. Grabe lang ano...perhaps people cannot manage their libido and promiscuity. I mean who does that? To even have the audacity to send such kind of message? Is it because he is gay? Normal ba yun sa kanila? Or is it because he is a celebrity and have that sense of power?

    Or is it normal for a person who like NA to receive such message because of his fame? Or because he also got a good body?

    Perhaps, iba lang ang pagpapalaki sa akin, I just don't like that such thing becomes normal. Naiintindihan ko na ang mga urges ay normal pero who does that towards a person that you have not even met personally or built some sort of relationship?

  8. VT-M KaH NA-C yes! may nahulaan ako sa wakas

  9. the who? pwede more clues? KaH? di ko kilala

  10. NA - C na batang bata pa
    VT - M na na link din dati sa isang poging celebrity

  11. Pero realtalk lang...ang daming mga lalake ang mahilig mag post ng shirtless sila...mga tinatawag thirst trap.

    Alam mo yung they are aware the purpose of that yung mga tulad ni M malamang isa yun sa mga parokyano ng ganoon maliban sa mga babae na malamang sa malamang eh gusto rin ng ganun from C. So regardless of gender it is all the thirst trap people...bahala na sila piliin kung sino sa kakagat ng trap nila.

  12. Ang daming kay lilinis dito!



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