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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Egoistical Judgment

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Network bigwigs are wondering if they made the right decision in signing up Award Winner (AW) to a long-term, guaranteed contract. After several projects with one network, AW moved to the other station, a move that surprised many industry insiders. AW simply had the same answer – she would work where an offer was presented. Thus, her new home was happy and the station took advantage of AW.

As soon as AW signed up, her projects came after one after the other. Ratings did not matter, as long as she had a project, she was visible and got paid. Being part of the network did not prevent AW from doing movies and soon after, she also had cinema roles and expectedly, her roles were marked and recognized. Sensing an opportunity, the network started using AW’s recognition to give her programs a lift. Unfortunately, the audiences did not buy the ploy and award or no award, watching her programs did not matter.

With continuous work, AW felt the burn-out, as she did not have any gap between projects. In her last projects, she started acting up. She would stay in her tent and she would give instructions of not being disturbed. Even if she was needed on the set, she would take time to walk to the setup. Thus, everyone had to wait for her. Her co-stars started to complain, but the production could not do anything because of her contract.

One time, a Production Head (PH) called her attention. AW did not like PH’s action and reprimanded him. AW said that PH was relatively new with the network compared to her working there for a longer time. Moreover, she should not be told what to do, as she already knows the gestures, eye contact, dialogue, etc. by reading the script. Even without speaking, she can already make the scene alive. Then, she reminded PH that she can only do two takes, as she already has reached the age when she can tire easily. Of course, PH was speechless.

Instead of continuing to reprimand AW, the production was instructed to extend patience and ensure the camaraderie on the set. After all, it was the network that wanted her to be part of their family.

‘When I was younger, I used to just want to please everybody and not want to be an issue or not be considered a diva. I've just grown up and realized you have to look out for yourself and stick up for yourself, and there's nothing wrong with that.’ – Dylan O'Brien

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  1. Replies
    1. I personally don't think this is R. She is known to be very professional. Also, R acknowledged that acting isn't her forte.

  2. Replies
    1. Then, she reminded PH that she can only do two takes, as she already has reached the age when she can tire easily. Of course, PH was speechless.

  3. Replies
    1. 3:02 Nope! Award winning daw. Medyo majonda na ito

  4. kaf ito part of family daw

  5. Older J ng Kah? She should be grateful nalng na at her age may work pa sya.

  6. Sya ba si monotonous acting style?

  7. 4th row ako nito, giraffe!!

  8. E ng kaF na dating kaH?

  9. i don't think is J of KaH because she's not that visible in the network and hindi tuloy tuloy projects niya tapos sabi mabilis daw mapagod because of her age so this is definetely older E of KaH din

  10. E na dating Kaf na naging Kah for a long time at balik Kaf na.



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