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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Disappointing Attitude

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One common complaint when ordinary persons-transform-into-celebrities concerns attitude. Often, newly-found fame can swell heads and changes are easily noticed. Attitude plays a major role in the success or failure of a newbie. Unless a newbie has established connections, such as powerful family relations, in the industry, he/she cannot behave like he/she is privileged. After all, respect and being liked are earned.

Sometime ago, Newbie Personality (NP) thought she could get away with anything simply because she is familiar face. However, NP is realizing that outside the studio, she’s just an ordinary person and people do not care about her presence. She is expected to behave like everyone else.

NP was spotted in a busy store and customers were patiently waiting in line for their turn at the cashier. As the conditions were hot, most were sweating, but since they needed something from the said store, they had to endure the heat. NP found herself needing something in the store and entered. As soon as she got the needed item, she started saying that it was too hot. Then, she approached the queue asking if she could go ahead, as she was pressed for time. No one minded her. Not content, she went to the front and told the cashier she needed to go ahead.

With awkwardness in the air, the other people waiting for their turn started making a fuss. Someone said that they were all feeling the heat and still line up. Then, another voice was heard saying that they were running late, but still formed the line, and they are not ill-mannered. In a few seconds, NP went to the end of the line and waited for her turn. Apparently, NP’s feelings of privilege will not grant her an easy time in her new community. Everyone is equal and people do not care about personalities, especially, showbiz wannabees.

‘You have to be a brat in order to carve out your parameters, and you have to be a monster to anyone who gets in your way. But sometimes it's difficult to know when that's necessary and when you're just being a baby, throwing your rattle from the cage.’ – Paul Thomas Anderson

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  1. "showbiz wannabes".

    Spoiled brat K.

  2. Starts with letters D And A. Hula po tau.

    1. The title doesn't always give clues to the Blind Item.

  3. Napaka-nega talaga ng girlalu na yan.

  4. Sinong newbie personality?? Ang daming newbies na may nega attitude.

  5. Oh well, at least diba pumila nman in the end at di na nag.inarte nung hindi napagbigyan ang gusto nya. Don't have a clue who this is.

  6. Di si K to. Sobrang arte nun di sya bibili mag isa sa store. Mag uutos lang yun sa iba.

  7. Hahahaha nahihirapan kayong hulaan kung sino no?

  8. This is K, yung bagets. Sure na, klasmeyts!

  9. Sa sobrang arte at nega ni K. Hindi si K ito, may alipores yon na magpapakainit for her. Hahaha I think this is J.

  10. Si A sya. I know her 🤦‍♀️

  11. More clues for A please.



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