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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sure Advantage

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Followers of celebrities often notice that the people who are greatly affected by such celebrities are not themselves, but the close relations around them. As certain celebrities work hard, the ones who benefit are mostly family members, which is understandable given the culture of having to support the family that is prevalent. Usually, when a newbie is asked why he/she wants to work in the entertainment industry, the answer is always related to alleviating the family from poverty. When the newbie becomes successful, expect that family members tend to be overprotective over their newfound wealth, which did not really come from their own blood, sweat, and tears.

In the case of the Close Relation (CR) of a Popular Personality (PP), friends could not help but notice how PP’s fame went into the head of CR. In public, PP and CR project an ideal relationship, where one is protective of the other. PP has been working hard most of his life and with no showbiz connections, he relied on luck and talent for his break. Meanwhile, CR supported PP, but as the career of PP flourished, certain things were kept from PP.

Allegedly, CR has had affairs, which PP had not known about then. Hence, the fruits of CR’s indiscretions are indirectly benefitting from the earnings of PP. Once PP gets paid, CR receives a portion, which he uses to support his other relationships. Worse, CR can be a child at times when PP could not give in to his request. For example, if CR wants to use PP’s car, but PP could not lend it, expect some form of retaliation via social media via a cryptic post or some seemingly innocent status, which, of course, netizens interpret in a thousand ways. PP might be hesitant these days to lend his car to CR, who allegedly was involved in a drunk driving accident. No one was hurt, but the damage on PP’s high-end car was noticeable.

Sadly, some even claim that the public image of CR is merely for the sake of continuing the good publicity of PP. He has changed, as claimed by some who knew him from days of nothing. CR has even blocked several people from accessing his social media accounts, including relatives, so as not to see his questionable activities. Of course, CR knows that his behavior is closely watched and judged, as PP, like most celebrities, has a fandom who will immediately react upon sensing something goes against their beliefs and they deem as exploiting their idol.  

‘Why must there always be a price to pay for every indulgence, and why must it so often be withdrawn from the bankrupt accounts of the innocent?’ -Andrew Levkoff

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  1. A is PP
    R is CR na feeling artista din

  2. Wawa nman si PP - A

  3. CR - D Di ko sya bet noon pa man. feeling kagwapuhan.

  4. PP- my idol A Honestly CR is somehow annoying. Mas bagets pa umasta kaysa sa anak.

    1. Hindi ito si A. Si CR masipag mag post kaya alam mo lahat gingawa. Minsan sobra na pero walang tinatago.

    2. Anong problema mo kung bagets syang umasta, he still looks good for his age. But this is not him. Family man si R.

  5. Dios mio wala na talagang perfect.

    Anyway I hope it doesn't affect A yun naman Ang important

  6. IDK why some kin members, kahit bigay mo na yung right hand mo they will try to grab even the left hand. Share your blessing wc is obvious kay PP pero nman manira ka pa ng gamit jusmio konting hiya nman ho

  7. hihilahin ka talaga pababa ng mga yan. juice colored!

  8. It’s not A and R because R is hardworking and very family oriented.

  9. Pwedeng si R ito kasi wala naman siyang asawa.

  10. So PP is a male because his ang pronoun na ginamit ni FP.



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