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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Please Avoid

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Most children of celebrities are thrust into the limelight even at an early age. Growing up, their exposures are limited in public forums or shows that require the presence of their parents, who tagged them along. Sometimes, unauthorized photographs of celebrity kids are posted and unless the parents make a fuss, the kids’ privacy are no more. However, the kids can have a choice of whether to pursue a career like that of their parents or remain incognito and move on according to their choices.

When Handsome Boy (HB) was born, expectations were high that he would follow the footsteps of his good-looking parents. Year after year, HB was growing into a beautiful boy and the public saw glimpses of how he was evolving as his parents were often in the limelight. Unfortunately, the family set-up turned far from ideal and his parents separated. HB went with his father.

Even if HB’s family was in a crisis, the press continued to hound him. Thus, his father took him away from the limelight and anyone who wanted to talk to or take a photo of HB had to go through him first. HB’s father was serious when it comes to his kids and no one dared to cross the line.

Years past and HB emerged from his sheltered years. That moment was enough for the press to hound HB and ask about his family. HB tried to deflect questions and keep quiet whenever questions that intruded into his privacy were asked. HB could not be budged from his silence on private matters.

As HB chose to follow the footsteps of his estranged parents, he seemed to be aloof from the press, who could help elevate his career. Even if he has career assignments, HB remained focused on his work. Although he had a girlfriend in the industry, nothing about that relationship was leaked. The truth is that HB does not want his life to be broadcasted or torn openly, as what the public did to the lives of his parents.

‘Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.’ -- Marlon Brando

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  1. HB - A
    It’s his prerogative naman to keep his personal life private. What’s important is he does his job well.

  2. Si A ba to? Or si K?

  3. Handsome boy daw this is A not K.

  4. Son - A
    Estranged Parents - J and B

  5. Goodlooking parents daw, hindi naman GL ang father ni A

    1. 6:52am he was good-looking during his younger years, hearthrob kaya nag-showbiz din.

    2. May itsura si fadir pag nakita mo in person.

  6. sinong A? anong network

  7. Lahh the who ito?? Row 4 ako

  8. HB- A GF- L Vavuuush!

  9. kung si A mn ton na iniisip ko. ang gwapo nga nya.

  10. May celebrity gf pala si A? Di ko sya bet as an artista pero parang ang cool ng personality nya in real life.



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