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Friday, April 19, 2019

Make the Right Judgment

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Among the present crop of young and talented actors, Good-looking Actor (GA) has the talent and looks that could have given him career stability in the entertainment industry. As GA has been in the business for a time, he already is familiar with the ins and outs of the demands of being a celebrity. Knowledge and experience help, but GA did not have the right timing. While he was starting out, other young actors were already ahead of him. Mobility did not help either.

One day, when a career seems to be an uphill climb, someone offered GA an opportunity that was hard to refuse and he took it. While pursuing a new path, GA was also pursuing his love life. Allegedly, he was in a relationship with Someone living Overseas (SO). Because GA has been discrete about his relationships no one knew about his pursuits and only rumors would allude to his choices.

Rumors have it that GA’s relationship did not turn out well. When most relationships end, usually, the partners just move on separately. In the case of GA and SO, a certain matter had to be cleared and that matter refers to many zeroes. Allegedly, GA owes SO a huge amount of money that the latter is demanding. Apparently, GA is not responding positively. Worse, GA might find himself in a legal battle, which, if made public could reveal his preference and confirm all the rumors about his true nature.

SO is allegedly still thinking of whether to pursue legal avenues to get his money back. If such indeed happens. GA would definitely be in quandary, as most actors prefer a silent treatment of their relationships. A revelation might even put GA’s career in question and in jeopardy, as he might be violating laws in countries where his lifestyle can get lashings and even death. Thus, will GA make peace with SO before things escalate?

‘You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.’― Dave Ramsey

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  1. brunayuki si itech??? pero da hu??

  2. Replies
    1. Keep trying girl and know everything about him before you comment

  3. Giraffe Besh... walang ka-clue clue!

  4. Is this T? Sana naman bayaran nalang niya ang utang niya. Eh di tapos ang problema.

  5. Something is wrong with anon 1:47. Must be obsessed with X! Must be crazy!

  6. Ang laki ng kapalit ng utang nya kaya bayaran na lang nya...else, baka masunog ang career.

  7. T na sumobra sa changes ang fez.

  8. He might be violating laws in countries where his lifestyle can get lashings? So it means nasa abroad sya?



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