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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Dubious Gimmick

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An important factor among social media influencers is the number of followers one has. For celebrities, getting many followers can be easy as they already have established a reputation. For others, who have no showbiz connection, creativity and talent are key to building a reputation as a blogger. With more followers, the assumption is that the said influencer would have wide reach for product awareness. Subsequently, companies notice such sites and place their ads, which means earnings for the owner.

When almost every celebrity realized the power of social media as an alternative outlet for their own awareness, the competition for attention and clicks became stronger. Hence, one has to think of ways to retain and gain followers. Usually, these influencers resort to contests or giveaways. The prizes are either from sponsors or pre-loved items from the owner himself/herself.

As contests are sure ways of increasing traffic, most social media owners would prefer that method. The excitement among followers builds up until the day of the announcement. For followers of an Almost Showbiz celebrity (AS), joining her contests was one way of showing they are loyal fans. However, many winners are surprised at how AS deals with them. Allegedly, AS does not keep her end of the bargain, which leaves the unfortunate winners wondering what ever happened to their prize. If they decide to place a message in the social media account where they won, AS erases such comment and blocks the poor winner. Inquiries and follow-ups are not allowed as well. So much for sincerity.

‘A gimmick would be something you'd do to attract attention or to bring fame and fortune.’ – Mark Kozelek

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  1. This is D! Uwian na!

  2. Hahahha gets ko na kalerks nasa title hahahahahaha

  3. HINDI ...SI C ITO!

  4. More clues mga ka FP

  5. Si A! Sumali ako don pero parang walang inannounce na winner. Hmmm

  6. Almost celebrity? E. product of a nshow

  7. ALMOST showbiz personality dw e. So sa ibang field. Hmmm. Sino ba may malaking following? Help!

  8. Sinong D? Dalwang D ang alam ko, cant say the two look good so this is so hard FP! Cant differentiate the 2 Ds

  9. Mahirap hulaan. Andaming nagsulputang vloggers ngayon na almost celebrities 🤣🤣🤣



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