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Friday, March 8, 2019

Insta Scoop: Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia Start Procedure for Baby

Images and Video courtesy of Instagram: dougkramer


  1. God bless you team kramer

  2. Why are they doing ivf? Just for the chance to have twins? Honest question coz im updated on this family.

  3. Ohmy. I did two cycles of ivf and failed twice. Their videos brought me back to those days. Will try it again in the Philippines, when we have enough budget. Gonal F pen is sooo expensive. Hoping for positive results for them and sana they'll be able to freeze some embryos para in case mag fail they won't have to do the cycle again. Yung frozen embryos nalang.

  4. I thought this procedure can only be done abroad, meron na rin pala dito.



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